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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

10 Things You Didnt Know About Brazil

Nepotism is against the law in brazil

Brazil is home to the second-largest Japanese population outside Japan and Brazil have the 2nd largest black population in the world

Brazilians love Brazilian music and I love Brazilian music as well

Prostitution is Legal in Brazil but operating a brothel in Brazil is illegal

Abortion is Illegal in brazil

In Brazil gays and lesbians have rights and the first transgender woman was elected in Rio to serve the people don't don't be surprised when you see gays and lesbians displaying affection openly

In Brazil, an open display of affection is normal in Brazil so don't be surprised like I was if you see people French kissing on the road or corner

In Brazil men and women love to hold hands as it is a sign of love and affection and it shows that you are proud of your woman

Brazil is a Christian country and they love Jesus a lot and with the freedom of religious association Brazilians believe and worship other African religious gods, yes Brazilians believe in the God of Iron Ogun and the mother of the sea yemoja

Brazil is a safe country forget about all you see and read online, crime occurs everywhere in the world and the city of Chicago is as dangerous as  the favela in Rio

10 Things You Must Know About Brazil

10 Things You Must Know About Brazil

Brazil is the powerhouse of South America and many do not know this, Brazil produces planes, buses and they are scientifically advanced, Brazil vaccinated 10 million people in months, Brazil is the largest economy in south America

Brazil despite been the powerhouse of South America brazil is a very peaceful country and they believe in peace and non-interference in other countries and in the constitution of Brazil the country is not allowed to wage wars and they have zero problems with their neighbors

Brazil is not all about Rio and the favela, there are many beautiful places all over Brazil.

Brazil is one of the only countries in the world that gives rights and freedom to refugees, in Brazil even with your refugee papers you can open a bank account, open a business, access health care, and many other things

Brazil is the powerhouse of health care in South America, health care is free in brazil

Brazil is one of the only countries with anti-racism laws, racism is not a bailable offense in Brazil.

Brazil is only of the only countries in South America with the rule of law, where a Supreme Court judge can overturn what the president says, trust me this does not happen in many countries of the world. Certainly not In my home country.




How To Obtain CPF Number In Brazil

CPF simply means Cadastro De Pessoas Fisicas, which means natural persons register, CPF is the most important 11 digit number in Brazil and everyone must have a CPF number or else you won't be able to do anything in brazil and even if you are a tourist just visiting and you want to do some basic stuff, you still need your CPF, you need CPF to open a bank account or buy a house in Brazil or even rent a house.

As a foreigner, it is very easy to obtain CPF in Brazil.

 Carry your passport and your utility bill to the closest Receita Federal office

Pay at the bank $R7

Take your payment receipt and your document and utility bill to the Receita Federal office.

You would wait until your name is called and that's it you would be issued with your CPF number.




How To Buy Things From A Market In Brazil

Brazilians love business and if you live in Sao Paulo Brazil you would understand what I mean, they love self-employment and in the state where I live you can't find empty shops if the shop is empty today tomorrow someone else would have taken it, an average Brazilian is a businessman, both small scale and Large scale they do it all and this is one thing I love about them, many of them don't just sit down and cry, they hawk yes they hawk in Brazil even though they don't put it on their heads like we do in Africa, they have carts they push and some just hold their merchandise on their hands.

So when you want to buy things at the market I am not talking about supermarkets, if you want to buy in a place that is not a supermarket you can bargain on the prices even if you see a fixed price on the label you can still bargain because Brazilians themselves love to bargain so don't be scared always do the same and get the best and right price, as a businessman I know because when some Brazilians come they bargain while some won't, so this would help you save some money and In Brazil, we call it promocao or discounto.




Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Benefits of Living In Brazil

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First, many people are ignorant about Brazil, I have written a lot about Brazil and I live in Brazil and I have never regretted my decision of choosing Brazil, I am always happy whenever I look at my Brazilian son.

I would tell you the benefits of living and moving to Brazil, as I have talked about the list of businesses that you can do as a foreigner in Brazil.

Brazil is a wonderful country with a wonderful, nice and accommodating population, trust me you can only find wonderful local people in a few countries and Brazil is number one.

Brazil is a regional superpower and the economic powerhouse of South America.

Become a citizen in 2-4years

Ease of Doing Business

Low Cost of living compared to some counties in South America

Human Rights

Love For Children

Freedom for Women

The second-largest Christian population in the world

Freedom of worship

The rule of law

Equality for all foreigners and citizens

Freedom of Speech


Friendly population 

Brazilian passport holders can visit 171 countries without a visa

Free education 

Free health care 


Monday, June 14, 2021

6 Things That I Learned From Brazil

6 Things That  I Learned From Brazil

Always in a hurry: I come from a country where everyone is in a hurry and we are always in a hurry to do everything, I mean everything from driving to walking, no time like we always say, when I came to Brazil I discovered it was different people are not in a hurry and this helped me a lot

Frustration: I come from a country where people are mostly frustrated from the driver to the market men and women and I don't blame them at all because their government have failed them I come from a country rich with natural resources and one of the biggest oil producers in the world but corruption at the highest level in cohorts with western multinationals have made the people poor and I understand where the frustration is coming from, but in Brazil, the case is different the people are generally happy people and they are ready to help you and as far as I can see no one is frustrated on the streets of brazil

Queue: I come from a country where people have no patience and have no time to wait but the reverse is the case in Brazil because in Brazil people queue orderly for everything from banks to supermarkets to payment offices, Brazilians queue on a straight line but in my country where people can jump a queue and even beat you up if you dare talk, at ATMs, everyone waits for their turn no yelling and shouting even if the man in front spends 30mins nobody cares in Brazil, so this has taught me a lot and now I am a patient man.lol

Happiness: happiness is free and you can laugh on credit if you want, in my country we have too many problems to make us happy people because our politicians have milked the country, so what is there to be happy about?, no good schools, no good roads and I can mention a lot, but in Brazil, the people are always happy, drinking start from Thursdays in Brazil Both the poor and the rich drink beers and party and you don't have to be a rich man to be happy in brazil, Brazil made me know that happiness is free and you don't need to be Dangote to be happy

Respect For the elderly: In Brazil, they give preference to elderly people, disabled and pregnant women, and even people living with obesity. Even in buses, they give priority to the elderly, pregnant, disabled, obese

Nice: Brazilians are the nicest people on earth in my own opinion and I am not saying Brazil don't have bad people, we all know in some countries locals would always not want to mix like in Germany or Japan where everyone is minding their business but in Brazil, it is different people are always willing to help you if someone falls on the street you would see people ready to help, even though I am a nice person coming to Brazil  made me nicer and I am always ready to help, a few days ago a man's car stopped in traffic and I rushed to push the car alone and before I knew it another man joined and that's the Brazilian spirit always ready and willing to help with no strings attached




10 Things You Need To Know About Brazil

Brazil is the country where I got to know that the price of beer is cheaper than soda.LOL

Brazilian women are the most beautiful and the sexiest women in the world and in Brazil women have the freedom to wear whatever they want, in Brazil a lot of women wear skimpy dresses, in fact, what we describe as half-naked in Africa, don't come to Brazil if you are not a lover of freedom for women, because they are proud of their bodies and they wear whatever they like.

Brazilian loves their Havana slippers, a Brazilian can wear his Havana slippers almost anywhere,lol

Brazilians love tattoos, as a lover of tattoos myself, I find it amazing that Brazilian love tattoos both men and women, in fact, doctors, lawyers, senators, policemen, and you are not judged because you have tattoos and they do not see tattoos as a bad thing like you have in other countries, to Brazilians tattoos are just body art

Brazilians love to wear bump shorts even to work, No formal dressing except where you have uniforms and as I said bump shorts are normal in brazil

Brazilian women are the queens of bum shorts, they wear them so short and you see their butt cheeks out

Brazil is the only country where I see people drinking in a public bus oh, I love brazil, nobody disturbs you just do your thing and that is true freedom

Brazilian start  partying from Thursday to Sunday people mostly rest on Mondays

Brazil is a party country and if you don't love life don't come to Brazil, Brazilians love to party and I told you beer is very cheap in brazil

Brazilian are the nicest people on planet earth, for example, I was going to a sports shop and I could not locate the place, I stopped a Brazilian on a bike and showed him the address and he offered to take me close to the place, where ever you are God bless you,I was scared at first but I said to my self you only die once,lol




Why I Love Living In Brazil

Brazil is a wonderful and beautiful country with wonderful and accommodating people but I must warn if you are coming to Brazil with the mindset of making millions of dollars then Brazil is not for you, but if you want to have a family and live a normal life then Brazil is for you, Brazil is a family-oriented country and they do not joke with kids.

The wages in Brazil are not like what you have in the USA and this is why you see people leaving Brazil through the jungle to get to the USA, I would never choose the USA over Brazil I have many reasons.

The first reason is as a black man it is easy for me to blend in Brazil and I don't have to feel like a foreigner because we have over 15 million black people in Brazil, I feel this calmness in brazil, only migrants in countries with less black people would understand what I mean..lol, if you have lived in countries with less black people you would understand me better.

Many don't know that Brazil has the highest number of black people outside Africa/Nigeria 86million people have African origins, and Brazil has more blacks than the USA

We have the rule of law, freedom of speech, free health care, free education, and human freedom eg you can drink your beer inside a bus in brazil

I can get a nice 2bed room apartment in a good area for $150-$400 and I doubt you can get the same in the USA(maybe a crime-infested area)

I would advise you and if you think Brazil is for you, come to Brazil with money and set up your own business and you would enjoy brazil but if you want to start looking for jobs you might get frustrated, the Bangladeshis, Chinese and Pakistanis don't look for jobs they set up their own little business.

English is not widely spoken in Brazil and Brazilians really don't care because most and many do not travel, so you can make money by teaching English online, brazil is a pro-western country and they love the west, remember we have almost all nationalities in brazil, but we have some that are not pro-west

It is very easy to set up a business in Brazil and I would be talking about it in my next write-up on how to set up a business in brazil

As I said above Brazil is a family-oriented country and having a Brazilian child opens the door to so many opportunities because Brazil loves children in Brazil, abortion is illegal so you can understand what I mean now, I would be talking about giving birth in Brazil in my next write up as well

Like I said if you want to make millions of dollars Brazil is not for you, if you want freedom and peace, and family, Brazil is for you

The Cost Of Living In Brazil 2021

Brazil is a wonderful country with lots of opportunities and the cost of living is relatively low compared to other countries in the west or even some other parts of South America this is why so many foreigners come to Brazil to live and to have a nice and peaceful life, I would be breaking down the cost of living from the state I reside In Brazil so you can understand what to expect when you come to Brazil, so you can hit the ground running and this is the latest and current info as of 2021.

The cost of rent for a 2 bedroom in a good area starts from 800-1000 reais and most Brazilians love to stay in condos because they provide security, you can get as from 1000-1500 reais and above, you can still get a house lower than 800reais

The cost of electricity for a month is about 150reais-200reais and this depends on what you use at home

The cost of water is about the same price as electricity 150reais-200reais

Cost of the Internet: you can get 120mbps for 120reais per month but some companies offer more for 140-150reais per month

Cost of groceries per month, you can spend between 600-700 reais on groceries per month, depending on the size of your family, we are just 3, me my girlfriend, and my son

A plate of food is 12reais in Brazil

Cooking Gas is 95reais

Gasoline is around 6-7eais per liter

The dollar is 5.30reais/$1

Education, government schools are free and they give food to the kids and some reading materials and you buy some and we also have private schools

Health care is free but you can opt for private hospitals if you can not wait because most times the waiting list for public hospitals is very long

Taxes for your MEI[micro]business is from 56reais and above depending on the kind of company or business you have

How To Set Up A Small Scale Business In Brazil 2021

For those that have followed my previous write up, I said it is better you bring your money and set up your own business and pay your taxes, you can set up a micro-business and it is called MEI in Brazil it allows you to enjoy what big companies enjoy, banks can give you loans and a good credit limit.

To start you have to make sure you have your CPF already and you have to make sure you have a house where you live because water and light bills would be requested.

After that, you have to look for an accountant to get it done for you and to make it easy and stress-free it usually costs between 50reais-100reais.

You have to be ready with your information like the name you want to use, your email, phone number and many other pieces of information and within mins, you already have your own registered business in Brazil and the best part of it all is that you are entitled to receive a pension if you keep paying your tax for more than 15yrs so you see this is the best.

As I said having your own small business gives you an opportunity and it open doors to many things and you can do business with regular companies and it builds trust with your clients.




What You Need To Start Up In Brazil 2021

The first thing you need to do once you land at the airport in Sao Paulo,  first you have to download the uber app because the local version of Uber called 99 would ask for your CPF and as a person that just arrived you don't have your CPF just yet. or download the app from your home country

Once you have downloaded uber you need to look for the money exchange boot and change $50 or $100 and keep this mind, they take taxes and it is always high at the airport than in any other place in brazil

After changing money then you can use the free WiFi connection at the airport and order uber to your hotel, I am saying you use uber because airport taxis are very expensive, uber and 99 are very safe in Brazil.

After getting to your hotel depending on the time you need to go outside and buy an extension to charge your phone because they have a different wall socket in Brazil and it might be different from your home country, you can ask the hotel because they usually have extensions and all hotels in Brazil have free WiFi ask the hotel.

A plate of food is 12reais in Brazil

The next thing you need to do is to go to receita federal and register for your CPF and CPF is very important in Brazil and without your CPF number in Brazil you practically can't do anything so you get your CPF fast and easy

After getting your CPF you can proceed to buy a sim card and it would be registered with your CPF

Then you can decide to open a bank account and then start your new life or enjoy your vacation in brazil

How To Buy A Car In Brazil

In Brazil because of how big the country is, it is not considered a luxury to own a car, It is a must although uber and the local version called 99, Bus, and train function very well.

In the state where I live Brasilia, it is so big and most times you can wait for a bus for almost 1 hour if you are going to the main city, I mostly take buses and 99

Bus strikes are common in Brazil and most times they shut down for a full day and people have to take uber or 99

So how much does it really cost to own a car in Brazil?

To me it is very confusing because Brazil is a powerhouse that makes jets, big planes, and luxurious buses like Marco polo and I wonder why Brazil doesn't have its own made-in-Brazil cars, maybe it is just politics because all major car brands have their companies here in Brazil and they produce their cars here and maybe that is the reason why cars are expensive in Brazil

We all know cars are cheap in the USA and in Brazil, they mostly do not allow the import of used cars, taxes for importing is very  high

Buying a good used car can cost around 15,000-25,000Reais and above depending on the brand and how clean the car is

Credit cards are widely used in Brazil and even street seller in Brazil accepts credit cards, you can buy a car with your credit card in Brazil if you have an excellent limit. 

The other one is financing going through your bank and you pay  3-5kreais in cash if the car is 20k and pay the rest in 3-5yrs remember banks always collect some interest.

Or if you have all the money to buy a car you can easily pay cash with your debit card and depending on the year of the car you are required to pay taxes to Detran every year[similar to FRSC in Nigeria]

Having a car in Brazil makes your life easy and have this in mind the price of gasoline might not be the same as in your home country




3 Reasons Why I Would Choose Brazil Over The USA Or The EU

First, as a black man, the first thing that comes to your mind is having freedom because let's face it white people are already privileged and we black people have to do more to be accepted, but in Brazil, we have over 14 million black people(97 million now identify as black) so as a black foreigner it is easy to blend in and be a Brazilian and follow the Brazilian way of life and that is living this life without worries like there is no tomorrow, so for me where I can easily assimilate and not be seen as a black migrant is the best for me.

Don't get me wrong America is a great country but I believe you can find happiness anywhere that works, we have Americans living in brazil, so the world is a global village, I am saying this because of people that travel to the USA border from brazil by road, only to get deported back to their country of origin, like the ongoing case of Haitians under the Del Rio bridge in texas, I saw a comment from a Chilean woman she said many of the migrants are greedy she said many of them have good lives in chile and they travel by road to the USA and they get deported and then they want to go back to chile.

If you are in a country that works especially a country with human rights like brazil, find your happiness and don't risk your life, build yourself and you can apply for a visa and travel if you want. It might take years, brazil is my dream country but if the USA is your dream country go there with a visa.

I won't say we don't have racism in Brazil but is it a hidden kind of racism, generally, Brazilians are welcoming and they always want to know about where you come from.

The cost of living is cheap compared to other European countries and even the USA because in Brazil with $400 or less you can get a nice 2bedroom/3 bedroom apartment in a good area and which is impossible in the USA or the EU, with 90,000 reais and above you can buy a house in Brazil, I would be talking about buying a house in Brazil soon

African foods in Brazil are because of the number of slaves that were sent to Brazil back then so we have so many African foods in Brazil, we Africans love our African foods, we have plantain in Brazil, Garri, (palm oil)red oil, bitter leaf, cassava, herbs many other kinds of stuff that I can't remember now, so this is the reasons why I can't leave Brazil for any other country. Those that live or have lived in some countries where you won't even find palm oil unless from Nigerian shops and those Nigerians imported them.




Many Things I Love About Living In Brazil

Many Things I Love About Living In  Brazil

The first thing I love about Brazil is the freedom, I mean Brazil is a free country, Brazil is so free that you can insult the president face to face and he won't send the secret police to kidnap you as we have in some of our home countries, we from other parts of the world are so shocked with the freedom we see in Brazil, I once saw a video of a driver in a vehicle insulting president bolsonaro face to face, you can't do that in many countries, your generations would disappear, there is freedom and freedom of speech and rule of law in Brazil, In Brazil, the Supreme Court can shut down the president as opposed to some of our home countries where the president is kind of an emperor and nobody dare challenge him

Let's face it a country where women are not free is not a country I love brazil because of women's freedom and I know there is still room for improvement but trust me Brazil is better than many countries in terms of freedom for women. 

No police brutality against black people in Brazil yes we have some few cases, here and there but we don't have a driving while black in Brazil where all the white American police are out to get black people for so many ridiculous things like having an air freshener hanging on your mirror, police are not out for black people in Brazil like you have in the USA, the lives of black people in the USA are endangered because of the police but in Brazil the case is different, police mostly follow the rule of law and if you break it you would be fired, in Africa policemen are dictators

Human freedom in Brazil and what I mean by that is that in Brazil you can drink your beer in a public bus and nobody cares I am saying this because I watched a racist video on Facebook where a guy harassed a man because he was drinking inside a train in the UK, in Brazil nobody would assault you

We Have So many similarities with Brazil because of black people and in fact we have a state in Brazil where Yoruba is one of the official languages so now you understand what I mean better, I love brazil




List Of businesses You Can Do As A Foreigner In Brazil

Starting your life in a new country is hard enough and even harder when you are coming to a português speaking country from an English or French-speaking one, you might find it a little bit difficult to navigate, but fear not because many Brazilians are nice and ready to help.

If you don't have the money to set up a small business in Brazil you can work in a factory, you can find factory jobs everywhere and as long as you are ready to work you will find one.

You can sell on the street, you can do this if you are ready to look for money and you are not shy and you can run when the street vendor police show up, lol. my brothers from Senegal do not always work for people I have lived in other countries and Senegalese basically sell on the street and I tell you there is money to be made on the streets, imagine where you don't pay any rent or taxes, all the money you make goes into your pocket but have this in mind if you are caught by the street vendor police your goods would be seized and would only be returned if you can pay fine.

Alternatively, you can find a shop owner and pay to stay in front of his shop and you can be paying him every month and you can go to the street vendor police and apply for a license that allows you to stay on the street and you pay your taxes.

Street Truck, in brazil those mobile food trucks are used a lot, they use them a lot at night to make burgers and other stuff, so you can buy one, but you need a car to move it around, you can use the trucks to sell anything you want.

Brazilians mostly want to learn English because majority of Brazilians are pro USA and Canada, but I don't want to go into politics because we still have Brazilians that are not pro USA.you can start by teaching English online or you can apply to teach at a school.

Uber or 99 if you have lived in Brazil for a while and you know the routes or you can use your map very well you can be a uber driver or 99 and you can earn.

You can be a delivery man in Brazil we call them motor boys, you can work for uber eats or rappi or the rest

You can come to brazil with a work visa

You can distribute flyers I think they pay 50 reais per day

If you have a skill you would also make money, you can open your shop, and depending on your skill you can get the paperwork that you need.

Brazilians like to shop online and you can go into dropshipping and Brazilians generally like things to be delivered to them you would make money if you add delivery services to your online business in brazil. you can do any online business they would buy.

If you are rich set up a (large) company or buy a farm, lol

In Brazil, they also believe in our African religion so you can bring Ifa spiritual materials to sell and you can also sell bitter kola and kola nut

You can also bring in African foodstuffs as well like egusi and dried fish

Lastly, you can open your own shop and sell whatever you like the Bangladeshis in Brazil are known for selling fruits and vegetables in Brazil, that is their line of business so you can choose to do whatever you want, so there are many legal ways to make money in Brazil, I mean, there are different ways




Various Reasons Why Brazil Is Not A Third World Country

Various Reasons Why Brazil Is Not A Third World Country

I laugh out loud when people say Brazil is a third world country, how dare you call Brazil a third world country, Brazil a country with the most famous president on earth Lula da silva a country that produces airplanes and luxury buses, a country with one of the oldest scientific institution in the world and a  military power in South America and in fact a regional superpower

Aside from the normal politics that always divide Brazil, Brazil is a powerhouse and a regional world power as far as I am concerned and the 5th largest economy in the world. most of the meat, soy, and coffee comes from brazil

Brazil is a country that works, the bureaucratic process might be slow but the country works and government agency works fine there are many countries in the 3rd world where the country does not work and the government does not even work

The city of Sao Paulo alone have 20-40thousand high rises and, Sao Paulo can be compared to Paris or Berlin or even Switzerland yes we have a place in sao Paulo that is like switzerland

Brazil has one of  the largest free health care systems in the world called the SUS, they provide everything for free, even in the USA lots of people don't have access to medicare, I mean everything is free in brazil

If you are bitten by a poisonous snake in Brazil your chances of survival is 85% I can't say the same for other countries in the 3rd world

If you have an accident in Brazil your chances of survival are 85% because the ambulance would get there within 10-30mins and it is free, unlike the USA where you have to pay and this is why many people in the USA would always reject an ambulance, a helicopter landed at the back of my house to pick up an accident victim, I don't even live in a rich mans area,this cant happen in a third world country

Education in Brazil is free even to the university level, you just need to take an exam, which other 3rd world countries have this even in the USA university education is not free and students are drowning in student loans

In my own opinion, Brazil is a powerhouse and not a 3rd world country and must flex her muscles but the constitution of Brazil forbids Brazil from flexing her powers because you must remember Brazil just recently got free from military dictatorship unlike other Western countries practicing democracy for ages

Brazil is just a slow country in catching up to the rest of the world in terms of tech like you have in Asian countries but brazil will get there




Best Bank To Use In Brazil As A Foreigner

We know moving to another country is hard and harder when you are to moving to a country where they don't speak English, in Brazil, they speak Portuguese and the people generally do not speak English I have traveled alot and most non-English countries that I have visited most people speak English but in Brazil, the case is different so you need to understand Portuguese to navigate around and I must say the Brazilian people are nice and they are always willing to help you so you can use your google translator.

When I got to Brazil I wanted to open an account to save money and build my credit profile and in Brazil, people use credit cards for almost everything even the vendor on the street accepts credit cards and this is where my bank journey began and I must say it was not easy because I close from work at 4pm and banks in Brazil close at 4pm.i would be talking about the major banks in Brazil, Banco Bradesco, banco itau, Banco do Brazil, caixa.

Banco Bradesco: I was told by someone when I got to Brazil that I have to wait for 6months and get my permanent document but that was not true because of covid I was tired of waiting so went to the banco Bradesco near me and lo and behold they accepted the document I had and they even gave me a credit limit of 1000 reais and I did all this with my Google translator and they were so nice and patient with me.

Banco itau: Itau was very stressful for me because even after waiting in a very long queue, I was told I could not open a savings account with my document and they needed the original resident permit before I can open an account and they were nice as well as I met a lady that spoke some English, I ended up opening the account when I got my main document and savings account in Brazil do not take charges unlike the current account where you pay a monthly fee

Banco do brazil: I had the same issues with Banco do Brazil when I wanted to open an account they refused to open the account with my document and they were nice as well and I even met a nice guy that speaks perfect English and we became friends and I ended up opening an account when I got my main document

Banco Caixa : They refused to open the account with the paper document I had

So to me, the winner is banco do Bradesco, this is solely based on my experience and my opinion about the best bank for foreigners in brazil

How To Live Safely In Brazil

 How To Live Safely In Brazil

You know I mostly laugh when I read what people say about Brazil they mostly focus on the favela and rio and this is funny because Brazil is a very big country and it is impossible not to have crimes, the USA has a lot of crimes like Brazil but they sell their countries well and this is the problem of Brazil they don't sell Brazil well to the world. there are crimes everywhere in the world 

As I said Brazil is a Christian country and to stay out of trouble you can find a church to attend and make friends from your church.

Stay away from black spots and stay away from drug zones because you are bound to get into trouble.

Have no fear, because fear is the greatest problem of  a man and once you live your life in fear you can never achieve anything, I remember when I first got to Brazil I was told many scary stories but as a boy from Lagos, I was not scared, if you want my phone take it but I won't live my life in fear

It is good to always be conscious of your environment but do not live in fear, an armed robber always sense fear, but if you are confronted with a gun please give them your phone because your life is precious, I use my phone anywhere I go because I walk with confidence, as they say, if you can make it or survive Lagos you can survive anywhere in the world.

Best Credit Card Issuing bank For Foreigners In Brazil

As a foreigner living in Brazil, you have to adjust to the Brazilian lifestyle and work hard to increase and maintain your credit profile because with credit cards you can buy anything you want and split payments, in my home country we believe in cash and debit cards, but I was quick to learn fast because when in Rome you behave like a roman, I have dreams of buying a house in Brazil and I want a good credit profile so I can be able to do just that because Brazil is my home now and so I would be telling you the best bank in Brazil that gives credit cards with low monthly fees or no fees at all, I would be talking about major banks in brazil.

Banco do brazil: this bank is owned by the government of Brazil like Caixa bank and it is no surprise that when you visit the bank you would meet a lot of people there and the rate they charge for a current account per month is 13reais very low and this is by far the lowest for any bank in brazil.

Banco do Bradesco: the lowest fee charged by banco do Bradesco for a current account is 22reais per month I would have gone for Banco do Brazil but they refused to open an account for me when I went there.

Banco itau: when I went to banco itau I was told that they charge 22reais for the current account per month.

Nubank: My friend told me about this bank it is the biggest and safest online bank in Brazil and it is widely used in Brazil they do not charge a monthly fee for their Current account, yes no charges at all, but the only problem with Nubank is that they give alow credit limit at first, so depending on your income they start with 300reais and remember they do not charge any monthly fees, but you would be charged for withdrawals and transfer.

So this is my own opinion and experience and most importantly whenever you go to a Brazilian bank always ask for the cheapest plan because Brazilian bankers would never give you a cheap plan unless you ask so always ask.




Best Bank To Withdraw In Brazil As A Foreigner

Many foreigners come to Brazil Both as a tourist and those that want to live in Brazil and most people do not like to carry cash when traveling they prefer using their cards abroad so I would be telling you the best bank to withdraw from as foreigner based on my own experience and the banks that I tried.


Banco Itau. In Brazil, you can find all major banks around where you live, and where I live we have all major banks so I tried Itau bank to withdraw with my debit master card and it did not work. 


Banco do brazil: I went to Banco do Brazil and tried my master debit card and it bounced back and refused to work.


Banco Bradesco: in my opinion, this is far the best bank to me for foreigners in brazil because I tried my card and it worked without issues, once you slot in your card you would have 2 language options English and Spanish and you can then proceed to withdraw and the withdrawal limit is 1000 reais per day even if you have a higher limit on your card, but you can only withdraw 1000reais per day in Brazil and the amount charged by bank do Bradesco depends on the amount that you are withdrawing and so to me the winner is bank do Bradesco and this is just my own opinion.

How To Send Money From Brazil

 How To Send Money From Brazil

Foreigners come to visit Brazil and some come to study and some to live and work and for those working in Brazil that would like to send money to their home country, I would be telling you how to send money from Brazil.

Western Union: we all know Western Union is the king of sending money all across the globe and you can send money from Brazil to any part of the world with western union, just find any western union office and go there with your money, you must carry your ID and CPF Number and you can easily get CPF  in brazil.

Money gram: this is one of the second largest money sending company and they are in Brazil as well so just go there with your money, ID, and CPF Number 

Paypal: you can send money from your PayPal account to another PayPal account but to me, PayPal is always too slow and your funds could be delayed.

Transfer wise: because I am always at work and I always find it difficult to go across town to the office of Western Union or Money Gram, I always use transfer wise because I send money with my phone directly to any bank account in my home country.

For me transfer wise is the winner because I am talking based on my experience




IFA: Spiritual materials shops in Brazil

IFA: Spiritual materials shops in Brazil

You can import African spiritual things and sell them in Brazil because Brazilians believe in the same African religion that we believe in so, you can import your Ifa stuff, kola nuts, and lots of other things.

Brazil is the second-largest Christian country in the world but we have a huge number of black people in Brazil and especially in Bahia a state in Brazil and it was the first capital of Brazil and most of the slaves that came from Africa landed in that state and the African slaves brought their food, cultures, and traditions with them and this is why you find a large number of spiritual believers in Brazil. Yoruba is an official language in Salvador, brazil

We have the Ifa worshipers, Yemoja worshipers, and many other traditional religion's we have in African you can find them right here in Brazil and everyone is free to worship their god so don't be surprised to see a shop where spiritual things are sold or see someone giving you a flyer on the road about reading your palm, or seeing a  ritual[EBO] on the road like we see in Africa, it is all normal in Brazil and this is why I love brazil.




African Foods In Brazil

 African Foods In Brazil

I have lived in other parts of the world and as an African, we carry our food and culture everywhere we go and we even import them from our home countries, we import them all both food and herbs and in other countries that I have lived in it is hard to find African foods there I mean foods that the local people eat that you would also find in Africa and remember the largest number of slaves was sent to Brazil so you must understand why the locals eat the things we eat in Africa.

In Brazil, we have plantain same type of plantain we have in Africa and we have red oil you know we Africans love to cook with red oil and you don't have to import red oil to Brazil because we have oil that is made in Brazil, we have cassava Brazilian love to eat cassava a lot and we have garri yes garri in Brazil, but Brazilians eat it in  a different way, we have bitterleaf for those that enjoy the delicious bitterleaf soup on of my favorite soup and we have yam but not the big types you find in Nigeria but this one is very good as well and many other things and this is why I love Brazil so much and I won't be leaving brazil,lol











Brazilians Love New Stores

As you know all of my write-ups are based on my personal experiences because I have seen this happen over and over again, Brazilian are like the man that has 2 wives but just married a new one, you know the man would leave the other 2 and focus on the new wife and when he is done with the new one he would marry another and focus his attention there again, I would give you an example where I live we have lots of pharmacies and you find them everywhere I mean everywhere even in residential areas and there is competition because many of them offer discounts and me I basically look for pharmacies that offer discounts, lol

In Brazil once a new pharmacy pops up the people would leave the same place that they have been shopping and troop to the new ones and most times the new one that just popped up doesn't really give discounts but people would still rush there, I don't just get it maybe they just want to have a feel of the new place or something, I have seen an old pharmacy close down because a new wholesale pharmacy opened nearby and people trooped there and when I got there I discovered that some of their stuff is still expensive instead of cheap, but it is big with lots of stuff and people just love going there, well as we say business is all about packaging and this is just my observations.




Women Ride Motorcycles In Brazil

I come from a country where females don't ride motorcycles and bicycles in the city, but would you find few women riding tricycles in the city but in villages in my country you would see women riding bicycles and motorcycles but in the main city it is always hard to find women that ride bikes and many would even laugh at you or many women are even shy to ride motorcycles because they feel too big or they feel that they are bigger than motorcycles, they prefer a car or using Uber to shuttle around.

This is why in developed countries they have bicycle lanes so people can ride and this is very important to reduce pollution where I come from, in the city, you would hardly see women or girls ride bicycles, lol. maybe because many of the roads are bad. Lol, I would leave you to be the judge and we are not used to women driving buses and all that because in Africa we believe there are some things that women shouldn't be allowed to do or some jobs that they should not do, I think before in Iran women are not allowed to ride bicycles or maybe they do now.

Brazilian women have rights and there is freedom for everyone in Brazil, you have bicycle lanes where people can ride their bicycles in peace without stress and it is common in Brazil To see women riding buses, motorcycles, and bicycles, in fact even old women you see them riding bikes and it is very common here even the rich have bicycles it is no big deal, you are not poor if you ride bicycles unlike our belief in Africa that it is only the poor that ride bicycles, we must imbibe the bicycle riding culture in Africa to reduce pollution so don't be surprised when you come to Brazil and see women riding it is normal here