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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

10 Things You Didnt Know About Brazil

Nepotism is against the law in brazil

Brazil is home to the second-largest Japanese population outside Japan and Brazil have the 2nd largest black population in the world

Brazilians love Brazilian music and I love Brazilian music as well

Prostitution is Legal in Brazil but operating a brothel in Brazil is illegal

Abortion is Illegal in brazil

In Brazil gays and lesbians have rights and the first transgender woman was elected in Rio to serve the people don't don't be surprised when you see gays and lesbians displaying affection openly

In Brazil, an open display of affection is normal in Brazil so don't be surprised like I was if you see people French kissing on the road or corner

In Brazil men and women love to hold hands as it is a sign of love and affection and it shows that you are proud of your woman

Brazil is a Christian country and they love Jesus a lot and with the freedom of religious association Brazilians believe and worship other African religious gods, yes Brazilians believe in the God of Iron Ogun and the mother of the sea yemoja

Brazil is a safe country forget about all you see and read online, crime occurs everywhere in the world and the city of Chicago is as dangerous as  the favela in Rio


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