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Monday, June 14, 2021

List Of businesses You Can Do As A Foreigner In Brazil

Starting your life in a new country is hard enough and even harder when you are coming to a português speaking country from an English or French-speaking one, you might find it a little bit difficult to navigate, but fear not because many Brazilians are nice and ready to help.

If you don't have the money to set up a small business in Brazil you can work in a factory, you can find factory jobs everywhere and as long as you are ready to work you will find one.

You can sell on the street, you can do this if you are ready to look for money and you are not shy and you can run when the street vendor police show up, lol. my brothers from Senegal do not always work for people I have lived in other countries and Senegalese basically sell on the street and I tell you there is money to be made on the streets, imagine where you don't pay any rent or taxes, all the money you make goes into your pocket but have this in mind if you are caught by the street vendor police your goods would be seized and would only be returned if you can pay fine.

Alternatively, you can find a shop owner and pay to stay in front of his shop and you can be paying him every month and you can go to the street vendor police and apply for a license that allows you to stay on the street and you pay your taxes.

Street Truck, in brazil those mobile food trucks are used a lot, they use them a lot at night to make burgers and other stuff, so you can buy one, but you need a car to move it around, you can use the trucks to sell anything you want.

Brazilians mostly want to learn English because majority of Brazilians are pro USA and Canada, but I don't want to go into politics because we still have Brazilians that are not pro can start by teaching English online or you can apply to teach at a school.

Uber or 99 if you have lived in Brazil for a while and you know the routes or you can use your map very well you can be a uber driver or 99 and you can earn.

You can be a delivery man in Brazil we call them motor boys, you can work for uber eats or rappi or the rest

You can come to brazil with a work visa

You can distribute flyers I think they pay 50 reais per day

If you have a skill you would also make money, you can open your shop, and depending on your skill you can get the paperwork that you need.

Brazilians like to shop online and you can go into dropshipping and Brazilians generally like things to be delivered to them you would make money if you add delivery services to your online business in brazil. you can do any online business they would buy.

If you are rich set up a (large) company or buy a farm, lol

In Brazil, they also believe in our African religion so you can bring Ifa spiritual materials to sell and you can also sell bitter kola and kola nut

You can also bring in African foodstuffs as well like egusi and dried fish

Lastly, you can open your own shop and sell whatever you like the Bangladeshis in Brazil are known for selling fruits and vegetables in Brazil, that is their line of business so you can choose to do whatever you want, so there are many legal ways to make money in Brazil, I mean, there are different ways





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