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Monday, June 14, 2021

Surviving As A Businessman In Brazil

 Surviving As A Businessman In Brazil

As a businessman myself I would say I have seen the up and downs of business in Brazil and coupled with the covid 19 issues, only business owners can understand what I am saying and the pain we go through, most times you spend the whole day and won't make 50 reais and most times you make lots of reais, so business is always like that.

So if you want to do business in Brazil you must start small and as I have said in my previous articles here, one thing I noticed about Brazilians which has always failed them is trying to start big and yes you must package yourself to attract customers but Brazilians overdo it, for example, a Brazilian might come to a new shop and meet white paint but he would still spend more money to still paint the place white and not that the one he met before is that bad, do you understand what I mean so most times it is good to cut costs and don't overspend when you enter a new shop because you never know if you would make sales and in fact, I have seen this happen.

My house has 1 shop in front and I can tell you that almost 20 people have entered and left and the reason is that they spend too much and business is slow now because of covid and the shop is not on the main road, so when they enter and before you know it they would leave and when another person enters he will still spend a lot of money and leave again, I feel their pain and I wish I could advise them, so please always do your best to cut costs if you want to rent a shop in Brazil.

I was walking home and I saw a shop and I noticed they painted the floor in front of the shop and I said to myself do you really need to paint the floor? so we must learn to cut costs in brazil.





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