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Monday, June 14, 2021

Giving Birth In Brazil

Having a Brazilian child opens many doors for the family because Brazil is a family-oriented country.

If you are not a taxpayer I suggest you use a private clinic for giving birth because it would make everything easier and they would even help you with your child's birth certificate

For me I pay taxes and I used the public hospital which is free, brazil takes giving birth very serious and as a pregnant woman you need to always go for a checkup from month 1-month 9

You must register at a clinic near where you live in Brazil we have these government-owned clinics around everywhere you live and this is not for giving birth is it just for checkups and as I said they take it so seriously and it might not be like what we have in our home countries, almost all the test is free and some you would be asked to go to a lab and get it done with your own money

When it is almost time to give birth you would be asked to go to the bigger hospital and this is where you would give birth.

If you followed my write up you would know Brazilians are nice and God bless the doctors and nurses at the hospital, they are the best,  they cared for us and took care of us and we even got lots of gifts from the nurses.

Everyone was nice at the hospital, from the doctors, nurses, cleaners, the people that brought food, to the security men, All nice people, and may the Lord continue to bless them and protect them.

Again in brazil they take giving birth very very seriously, they would give all necessary injections and check-ups and the immunizations of your child have to be up to date else you might even not get some government services.

We Got our birth certificate at the hospital for free

Basically, it was fun and we enjoyed every bit of it and everyone was so kind and nice to us and we had our wonderful Brazilian child





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