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Monday, June 14, 2021

Brazilians Love New Stores

As you know all of my write-ups are based on my personal experiences because I have seen this happen over and over again, Brazilian are like the man that has 2 wives but just married a new one, you know the man would leave the other 2 and focus on the new wife and when he is done with the new one he would marry another and focus his attention there again, I would give you an example where I live we have lots of pharmacies and you find them everywhere I mean everywhere even in residential areas and there is competition because many of them offer discounts and me I basically look for pharmacies that offer discounts, lol

In Brazil once a new pharmacy pops up the people would leave the same place that they have been shopping and troop to the new ones and most times the new one that just popped up doesn't really give discounts but people would still rush there, I don't just get it maybe they just want to have a feel of the new place or something, I have seen an old pharmacy close down because a new wholesale pharmacy opened nearby and people trooped there and when I got there I discovered that some of their stuff is still expensive instead of cheap, but it is big with lots of stuff and people just love going there, well as we say business is all about packaging and this is just my observations.





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