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Monday, June 14, 2021

Best Credit Card Issuing bank For Foreigners In Brazil

As a foreigner living in Brazil, you have to adjust to the Brazilian lifestyle and work hard to increase and maintain your credit profile because with credit cards you can buy anything you want and split payments, in my home country we believe in cash and debit cards, but I was quick to learn fast because when in Rome you behave like a roman, I have dreams of buying a house in Brazil and I want a good credit profile so I can be able to do just that because Brazil is my home now and so I would be telling you the best bank in Brazil that gives credit cards with low monthly fees or no fees at all, I would be talking about major banks in brazil.

Banco do brazil: this bank is owned by the government of Brazil like Caixa bank and it is no surprise that when you visit the bank you would meet a lot of people there and the rate they charge for a current account per month is 13reais very low and this is by far the lowest for any bank in brazil.

Banco do Bradesco: the lowest fee charged by banco do Bradesco for a current account is 22reais per month I would have gone for Banco do Brazil but they refused to open an account for me when I went there.

Banco itau: when I went to banco itau I was told that they charge 22reais for the current account per month.

Nubank: My friend told me about this bank it is the biggest and safest online bank in Brazil and it is widely used in Brazil they do not charge a monthly fee for their Current account, yes no charges at all, but the only problem with Nubank is that they give alow credit limit at first, so depending on your income they start with 300reais and remember they do not charge any monthly fees, but you would be charged for withdrawals and transfer.

So this is my own opinion and experience and most importantly whenever you go to a Brazilian bank always ask for the cheapest plan because Brazilian bankers would never give you a cheap plan unless you ask so always ask.





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