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Monday, June 14, 2021

6 Things That I Learned From Brazil

6 Things That  I Learned From Brazil

Always in a hurry: I come from a country where everyone is in a hurry and we are always in a hurry to do everything, I mean everything from driving to walking, no time like we always say, when I came to Brazil I discovered it was different people are not in a hurry and this helped me a lot

Frustration: I come from a country where people are mostly frustrated from the driver to the market men and women and I don't blame them at all because their government have failed them I come from a country rich with natural resources and one of the biggest oil producers in the world but corruption at the highest level in cohorts with western multinationals have made the people poor and I understand where the frustration is coming from, but in Brazil, the case is different the people are generally happy people and they are ready to help you and as far as I can see no one is frustrated on the streets of brazil

Queue: I come from a country where people have no patience and have no time to wait but the reverse is the case in Brazil because in Brazil people queue orderly for everything from banks to supermarkets to payment offices, Brazilians queue on a straight line but in my country where people can jump a queue and even beat you up if you dare talk, at ATMs, everyone waits for their turn no yelling and shouting even if the man in front spends 30mins nobody cares in Brazil, so this has taught me a lot and now I am a patient man.lol

Happiness: happiness is free and you can laugh on credit if you want, in my country we have too many problems to make us happy people because our politicians have milked the country, so what is there to be happy about?, no good schools, no good roads and I can mention a lot, but in Brazil, the people are always happy, drinking start from Thursdays in Brazil Both the poor and the rich drink beers and party and you don't have to be a rich man to be happy in brazil, Brazil made me know that happiness is free and you don't need to be Dangote to be happy

Respect For the elderly: In Brazil, they give preference to elderly people, disabled and pregnant women, and even people living with obesity. Even in buses, they give priority to the elderly, pregnant, disabled, obese

Nice: Brazilians are the nicest people on earth in my own opinion and I am not saying Brazil don't have bad people, we all know in some countries locals would always not want to mix like in Germany or Japan where everyone is minding their business but in Brazil, it is different people are always willing to help you if someone falls on the street you would see people ready to help, even though I am a nice person coming to Brazil  made me nicer and I am always ready to help, a few days ago a man's car stopped in traffic and I rushed to push the car alone and before I knew it another man joined and that's the Brazilian spirit always ready and willing to help with no strings attached





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