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Monday, June 14, 2021

Getting Brazilian Resident Permit Through Your Brazilian Child

Brazil is one of the countries that believe in Jus Soli, and any child born on Brazilian soil is automatically a citizen of Brazil and the parents are entitled to get a resident permit.

So after you have your wonderful Brazilian baby, once you already have the birth certificate of your baby, all you have to do is get all your documents together and apply online on the policia federal website and because of covid everything is done online now and after submitting your documents they would email you and tell you when to come over for your appointment and if they need more documents they would let you know.

And on the day of your appointment, you must go with all the documents you submitted and pay the fees required at the bank.

On the appointment day, the process is fast and easy, your photos and prints would be taken and you would sign some documents, and voila you are done. You would be given a temporary paper and they would ask you to come back in one 1month but you can keep checking online to know when it is ready and then you can go back and pick it up.

You would be given permanent residency for 10yrs and have this in mind you are only allowed to stay outside Brazil for 2yrs with your PR. if you have kids below 10yrs old they would also get PR.

After one year of getting your PR you can apply to be a Brazilian citizen I would be talking about that in My next write-up.





  1. Hi Stan, I have been following your post on naira land forum. Please I will like to ask a question concerning this topic, you mentioned that "if you have kids below 10 years they will get PR" what about kids that are more than 10 years?. Thanks

  2. Hello,Thanks kids above 10 would have to wait until they are 18