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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

How To Buy Things From A Market In Brazil

Brazilians love business and if you live in Sao Paulo Brazil you would understand what I mean, they love self-employment and in the state where I live you can't find empty shops if the shop is empty today tomorrow someone else would have taken it, an average Brazilian is a businessman, both small scale and Large scale they do it all and this is one thing I love about them, many of them don't just sit down and cry, they hawk yes they hawk in Brazil even though they don't put it on their heads like we do in Africa, they have carts they push and some just hold their merchandise on their hands.

So when you want to buy things at the market I am not talking about supermarkets, if you want to buy in a place that is not a supermarket you can bargain on the prices even if you see a fixed price on the label you can still bargain because Brazilians themselves love to bargain so don't be scared always do the same and get the best and right price, as a businessman I know because when some Brazilians come they bargain while some won't, so this would help you save some money and In Brazil, we call it promocao or discounto.





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