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Monday, June 14, 2021

Many Things I Love About Living In Brazil

Many Things I Love About Living In  Brazil

The first thing I love about Brazil is the freedom, I mean Brazil is a free country, Brazil is so free that you can insult the president face to face and he won't send the secret police to kidnap you as we have in some of our home countries, we from other parts of the world are so shocked with the freedom we see in Brazil, I once saw a video of a driver in a vehicle insulting president bolsonaro face to face, you can't do that in many countries, your generations would disappear, there is freedom and freedom of speech and rule of law in Brazil, In Brazil, the Supreme Court can shut down the president as opposed to some of our home countries where the president is kind of an emperor and nobody dare challenge him

Let's face it a country where women are not free is not a country I love brazil because of women's freedom and I know there is still room for improvement but trust me Brazil is better than many countries in terms of freedom for women. 

No police brutality against black people in Brazil yes we have some few cases, here and there but we don't have a driving while black in Brazil where all the white American police are out to get black people for so many ridiculous things like having an air freshener hanging on your mirror, police are not out for black people in Brazil like you have in the USA, the lives of black people in the USA are endangered because of the police but in Brazil the case is different, police mostly follow the rule of law and if you break it you would be fired, in Africa policemen are dictators

Human freedom in Brazil and what I mean by that is that in Brazil you can drink your beer in a public bus and nobody cares I am saying this because I watched a racist video on Facebook where a guy harassed a man because he was drinking inside a train in the UK, in Brazil nobody would assault you

We Have So many similarities with Brazil because of black people and in fact we have a state in Brazil where Yoruba is one of the official languages so now you understand what I mean better, I love brazil





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