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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

How I Was Scammed In Brazil

As a newbie in Brazil and as a business-oriented person I have always wanted to do business and so it was business for me or nothing because I really don't like working for people and this is just the way I am, I never knew online scams was a thing in Brazil, In Brazil scammers spend money to set up a website and they make it look so real and they accept all forms of payments.

This particular company looked so real with lots of reviews on Facebook and Instagram, lots of people already bought from them according to the reviews I guess the reviews were fake.

I decided to give them a try and I bought products worth R300 and after paying I got an email saying they received my payment and they would soon send me the tracking number for my goods and one day I was just going through Facebook and discovered I could no longer find them on Facebook and before then I was sending emails and asking them to send me the tracking number and I got no reply, I checked on Instagram and they disappeared, I was so worried, would I just loose R300?lol, infact I wanted to buy more but my spider sense, lol, was telling me don't trust them fully yet.

I went online and searched and I discovered that I was not the only one that was scammed they scammed a lot of people all over Brazil, many people paid more than R300, Nobody knew what to do but I kept on checking Facebook and Instagram to see if they would pop up and suddenly they came back on Instagram and even accused people of calling them scammers(reverse psychology) , lol and they told everyone that they would soon ship their goods and that was the end and till today I have not received anything and it is over 2 years now. lol

So in Brazil because of too many sophisticated online scams people hardly trust online sellers, this is why I talked about opening your business and with that clients can trust you because every registered business have what we call a Cnpj number and with that clients can tell if you are real or my next write up I would talk about how to detect online scams in brazil