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Monday, June 14, 2021

Various Reasons Why Brazil Is Not A Third World Country

Various Reasons Why Brazil Is Not A Third World Country

I laugh out loud when people say Brazil is a third world country, how dare you call Brazil a third world country, Brazil a country with the most famous president on earth Lula da silva a country that produces airplanes and luxury buses, a country with one of the oldest scientific institution in the world and a  military power in South America and in fact a regional superpower

Aside from the normal politics that always divide Brazil, Brazil is a powerhouse and a regional world power as far as I am concerned and the 5th largest economy in the world. most of the meat, soy, and coffee comes from brazil

Brazil is a country that works, the bureaucratic process might be slow but the country works and government agency works fine there are many countries in the 3rd world where the country does not work and the government does not even work

The city of Sao Paulo alone have 20-40thousand high rises and, Sao Paulo can be compared to Paris or Berlin or even Switzerland yes we have a place in sao Paulo that is like switzerland

Brazil has one of  the largest free health care systems in the world called the SUS, they provide everything for free, even in the USA lots of people don't have access to medicare, I mean everything is free in brazil

If you are bitten by a poisonous snake in Brazil your chances of survival is 85% I can't say the same for other countries in the 3rd world

If you have an accident in Brazil your chances of survival are 85% because the ambulance would get there within 10-30mins and it is free, unlike the USA where you have to pay and this is why many people in the USA would always reject an ambulance, a helicopter landed at the back of my house to pick up an accident victim, I don't even live in a rich mans area,this cant happen in a third world country

Education in Brazil is free even to the university level, you just need to take an exam, which other 3rd world countries have this even in the USA university education is not free and students are drowning in student loans

In my own opinion, Brazil is a powerhouse and not a 3rd world country and must flex her muscles but the constitution of Brazil forbids Brazil from flexing her powers because you must remember Brazil just recently got free from military dictatorship unlike other Western countries practicing democracy for ages

Brazil is just a slow country in catching up to the rest of the world in terms of tech like you have in Asian countries but brazil will get there





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