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Monday, June 14, 2021

3 Reasons Why I Would Choose Brazil Over The USA Or The EU

First, as a black man, the first thing that comes to your mind is having freedom because let's face it white people are already privileged and we black people have to do more to be accepted, but in Brazil, we have over 14 million black people(97 million now identify as black) so as a black foreigner it is easy to blend in and be a Brazilian and follow the Brazilian way of life and that is living this life without worries like there is no tomorrow, so for me where I can easily assimilate and not be seen as a black migrant is the best for me.

Don't get me wrong America is a great country but I believe you can find happiness anywhere that works, we have Americans living in brazil, so the world is a global village, I am saying this because of people that travel to the USA border from brazil by road, only to get deported back to their country of origin, like the ongoing case of Haitians under the Del Rio bridge in texas, I saw a comment from a Chilean woman she said many of the migrants are greedy she said many of them have good lives in chile and they travel by road to the USA and they get deported and then they want to go back to chile.

If you are in a country that works especially a country with human rights like brazil, find your happiness and don't risk your life, build yourself and you can apply for a visa and travel if you want. It might take years, brazil is my dream country but if the USA is your dream country go there with a visa.

I won't say we don't have racism in Brazil but is it a hidden kind of racism, generally, Brazilians are welcoming and they always want to know about where you come from.

The cost of living is cheap compared to other European countries and even the USA because in Brazil with $400 or less you can get a nice 2bedroom/3 bedroom apartment in a good area and which is impossible in the USA or the EU, with 90,000 reais and above you can buy a house in Brazil, I would be talking about buying a house in Brazil soon

African foods in Brazil are because of the number of slaves that were sent to Brazil back then so we have so many African foods in Brazil, we Africans love our African foods, we have plantain in Brazil, Garri, (palm oil)red oil, bitter leaf, cassava, herbs many other kinds of stuff that I can't remember now, so this is the reasons why I can't leave Brazil for any other country. Those that live or have lived in some countries where you won't even find palm oil unless from Nigerian shops and those Nigerians imported them.





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