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Monday, June 14, 2021

Women Ride Motorcycles In Brazil

I come from a country where females don't ride motorcycles and bicycles in the city, but would you find few women riding tricycles in the city but in villages in my country you would see women riding bicycles and motorcycles but in the main city it is always hard to find women that ride bikes and many would even laugh at you or many women are even shy to ride motorcycles because they feel too big or they feel that they are bigger than motorcycles, they prefer a car or using Uber to shuttle around.

This is why in developed countries they have bicycle lanes so people can ride and this is very important to reduce pollution where I come from, in the city, you would hardly see women or girls ride bicycles, lol. maybe because many of the roads are bad. Lol, I would leave you to be the judge and we are not used to women driving buses and all that because in Africa we believe there are some things that women shouldn't be allowed to do or some jobs that they should not do, I think before in Iran women are not allowed to ride bicycles or maybe they do now.

Brazilian women have rights and there is freedom for everyone in Brazil, you have bicycle lanes where people can ride their bicycles in peace without stress and it is common in Brazil To see women riding buses, motorcycles, and bicycles, in fact even old women you see them riding bikes and it is very common here even the rich have bicycles it is no big deal, you are not poor if you ride bicycles unlike our belief in Africa that it is only the poor that ride bicycles, we must imbibe the bicycle riding culture in Africa to reduce pollution so don't be surprised when you come to Brazil and see women riding it is normal here





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