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Monday, June 14, 2021

Different Things Business People Face In Brazil

Different  Things Business People Face In Brazil

Running a business is not easy especially if it is not your home country and most especially if you are just learning the  culture and it takes a serious person with patience to run a business and remember countries are different and I would tell you how it is like in Brazil

First in Brazil customers have lots of rights and if you are into selling goods in a shop, for example, umbrellas don't be surprised when people would come to your shop and make you open 5 umbrellas and not buy because they just want to see them, in brazil this is common I know in our home countries the seller would insult you if you make him open 5 umbrellas and you end up not buying. lol. for me as a businessman I know how it is, when I go to a shop to confirm prices I tell the seller beforehand by saying I am not buying, for now, I am just checking prices, and don't get me wrong some Brazilians would tell you beforehand  as well

In Brazil, customers have the right to return goods during the warranty period and you must change it because mostly in Brazil businesses do not refund the money you can only pick something else. Brazilians do not joke with their warranty 

Brazilians buy on credit as well don't think it only happens in your home country, so be ready to give people credit when they come and it would be mostly people around you. 

Brazilians do not care if you are a foreigner when you sell they would buy they don't care, as long as you have what they want they would buy from you.

So as a businessman in Brazil you have to be patient and understand the Brazilian way of life because you are in Brazil and not your home country





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