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Monday, June 14, 2021

How To Send Money From Brazil

 How To Send Money From Brazil

Foreigners come to visit Brazil and some come to study and some to live and work and for those working in Brazil that would like to send money to their home country, I would be telling you how to send money from Brazil.

Western Union: we all know Western Union is the king of sending money all across the globe and you can send money from Brazil to any part of the world with western union, just find any western union office and go there with your money, you must carry your ID and CPF Number and you can easily get CPF  in brazil.

Money gram: this is one of the second largest money sending company and they are in Brazil as well so just go there with your money, ID, and CPF Number 

Paypal: you can send money from your PayPal account to another PayPal account but to me, PayPal is always too slow and your funds could be delayed.

Transfer wise: because I am always at work and I always find it difficult to go across town to the office of Western Union or Money Gram, I always use transfer wise because I send money with my phone directly to any bank account in my home country.

For me transfer wise is the winner because I am talking based on my experience





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