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Thursday, September 30, 2021

I visited one of the biggest wholesale market in Brasilia Brazil

Fiera Modas is located in Taguatinga, Brasilia, Brazil and it is one of the biggest wholesale markets in Brasilia, Brazil and you can buy things cheap and most retailers buy from this place and I also bought some nice jeans from this place. So anytime you are in Brasilia and you want to shop and get the best rate, visit Fiera Modas, if you are new to Brasilia you can take uber or 99 the Brazilian version

How i Started Doing Business In Brazil

When I got to Brazil, I wanted to sell online so I would have the time to travel around Brazil and vlog because I am in the hospitality business, But I saw someone that wanted to sell his goods and he wanted to leave the spot where he was selling from and he told me about it and this was 1 month after I arrived in Brazil, the guy wanted to leave brazil.

I have always wanted to get a shop but I just hate sitting in one spot, lol, I love the delivery business because I can travel and get to know different places, I got to know a lot of places because I deliver to Brazilians, I sell TV box and most times I even have to fix it for the client to make sure everything is working fine before I leave, because in Brazil they love delivery, if you add delivery to your business you would go far, even if you want me to deliver 1 power bank I will, we always charge the client for delivery.

I bought the goods from the guy and also bought the spot where I pay the shop owner a monthly fee, but the only issue was that it is a space in front of the shop not inside, lol.

I came to Brazil with enough and I was not lacking anything when I arrived in Brazil, so at first, I was saying to myself, shey big boy like me go come day sell in front of shop, lol. But I had no choice the location was strategic and the guy told me how much he makes daily, in naira he makes 30-35k daily, and on a good day he makes above 50k naira in a day and if that day is not good he might make like 20k naira or even 10k, I was like this is destiny, you can't run away from it, I have always wanted to sell in one spot but I had no time.

So I stayed there and started selling just like that, I didn't plan it, I had zero knowledge of the language, lol, I had zero knowledge of selling in one spot, online business is totally different, I even lost a lot, most times clients would ask me about some stuff that I have and I would say I don't because in português 2 words can mean one battery can be called bateria and pilha, so you understand what I mean now.

As I started selling I loved it, I was proud of my job, I also started learning how to fix wrist watches, I have never done it before in my life, most of the watches that I sell I change the batteries myself and some are more complicated you need the right tools but I still do it, there are some that I have to take back to the company to change because if I do it myself I lose the warranty.

One time I got a message from a client he wanted to buy 30 pieces of watches and I did not have up to 30, I called my supplier got the watches and gave the client and I made money without stressing, the client came to the spot where I sell, he waited for me and I rushed down to my supplier and got the goods, so having a spot gives your clients rest of mind.

Starting that small business made me grow, I was able to register my business and pay tax, I was able to collect a license that allows me to stay in front of the shop, I was able to start buying from a major wristwatch and electronics company in brazil because I love to sell originals it gives me peace of mind, it has a 1year warranty, lol. I also get discounts.

So now I have been able to get a small shop and I left that spot for my brother and he makes money daily, you know the location of your business matters a lot, I was able to build my online business very well because I had a place where clients could see me face to face and buy from me, I have a website where I sell and people around me would just come down to where I sell and buy and E-commerce business in Brazil is great, the trick is getting the right supplier and then give discounts, people shop with the credit cards in Brazil because it enables you to split the payment and pay 6x or 12x,6x in 6months, if what you are buying is 60 reais, you pay 10 reais monthly, it makes your life easy.

So that is why I said if you are humble and you remove any form of shyness, you would go far, I just had to adapt, in brazil, most foreigners love  to do business the Chinese, Japanese, Senegalese, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis they love to do business, even Nigerians, my main wholesale supplier is a Chinese man.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Normal To See Women Wearing Mini Skirts In Brazil

I talked about bum shorts in my previous article and some people from my home country was surprised, lol and some even came for me and they said I am supporting immorality and I did my best to explain to them that it is freedom and that women are free in Brazil and they have the freedom to dress the way they like as long as they are not walking naked on the road.

Well to shock you more in Brazil women wear mini skirts or let me call it skimpy and nobody blinks yes people look and you can admire if you want or get pissed but it ends there unlike in my country where the woman would be molested and harassed and they would even go as far as trying to strip her naked, but in Brazil, nobody can dare try such and guess what Brazilian men love it and they are not complaining so why should I.dodon't forget that I am just a V-Blogger telling you what to expect when you visit Brazil so you would be surprised like me when I landed in write up is to educate newbies coming to Brazil, God bless Brazil

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Abortion Is illegal in Brazil

If you read my previous write-ups I told you guys that Brazil is a family-oriented country with family values and forget what you hear about Brazil and the way women dress does not mean they don't have family values, in this part of the world dressing does not define your personality, it is just like tattoos, in Brazil tattoos are just body art but in Africa or in my country the police would arrest you for tattoos and even dreadlocks.

Abortion in Brazil is a crime, with penalties for 1 to 3 years of imprisonment for the pregnant woman, and 1 to 4 years of imprisonment for the doctor or any other person who performs the fetus removal procedure on someone else.

In Brazil they love kids and they don't joke with kids and Brazil is one of the countries where abortion is illegal, they don't allow it but I have read some comments online where people say the rich Brazilians always have abortions because they can afford it, I don't know if the story is true, I am just talking based on what I know about the Brazilian law, and remember health care is free so if you get pregnant you don't need to worry about hospital bills, The life of every child matters in brazil.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

You can't beat the Brazilian happiness level

These guys are out of this world, In Brazil, I got to know  that happiness is free and it all depends on you, In Brazil, they don't wait to have all the billions to be happy, the rich and the poor enjoy their lives, I talked about it in my previous write up, about the price of beer

The price of a can of beer is as cheap as a can of Coca-Cola

I have traveled to a few countries and I have had a few culture shocks, but the Brazilian one hit me the most lol and this is why everyone is Brazilian because Brazil is a spirit, we have different races that are Brazilians, Brazil is mixed. the Brazilian diversity is their strength while in some countries it is their weakness, you would see a Japanese Brazilian. 

No beer no Brazil

Whatever you do please don't mess with a Brazilian man's beer, because beer is life in Brazil, after working 10-4 you need to relax your bones. In brazil, you can drink your beer anywhere, not inside a church though, or in front of a police station lol. you can drink your beer inside a bus.

Men and women  drink aside from the ones that don't drink for religious reasons, health reasons, personal reasons, or underage kids

If you come to Brazil you need to enjoy the culture ever since I started following the culture, I just want to live life because that is the Brazilian way and living life does not mean you won't work hard I told you In Brazil you don't need to be a rich man to enjoy,The rich and poor we all shop in the same place, hey even the Brazilian president drinks beer, lol. The Brazilian president goes for a swim, this is why I love Brazil, life is too short, enjoy it.

What I Learned From Covering Fora Bolsanaro Protest

FORA means leave President Bolsonaro, Me personally I always like to stay away from politics because I believe all politicians are the same, so I am not a right-wing or left-wing person, in Brazil, people join political parties because of ideologies unlike what you have in Africa, for me, I am a humanist, I believe humanity should always come first.

The current president is from the right and there have been accusations from the left, they say president Bolsonaro mismanaged the economy and discouraged the use of vaccines and a lot of people have died already

The left has the most popular president in the history of Brazil and that is Lula and recently he was cleared to contest in the election next year

So the protest was a left-wing protest and I was there and what I noticed is freedom, in fact, the police were guarding and protecting everyone.

No tear gas, no live bullets no police beating and harassing people, it was fun for me and peaceful, I wish African countries can learn more about democracy

The place where this protest took place is like 2mins away from the presidential Palace, if this happened in my country the government would have rolled out tanks and start killing people, it is really nice to live in a democratic country. God bless Brazil

Monday, September 20, 2021

I was at the Brazilian independence day celebrations in Brasilia 2021

I was at the Brazilian independence day celebrations in Brasilia the capital of Brazil and a lot of Brazilians are very passionate and proud of their country and the crowd was massive and the celebrations was also turned into a pro president Bolsonaro protest as well and I don't want to go into Brazilian politics, enjoy the pictures and videos and below is some history about the Brazilian independence I copied from Wikipedia

The Independence Day of Brazil commonly called Sete de Setembro (Seventh of September is a national holiday observed in Brazil on 7 September of every year. The date celebrates Brazil's Declaration of Independence from the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves on 7 September 1822.

In 1808, French troops commanded by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Portugal as a retaliation for the Iberian country's refusal to participate in the trade embargo against the United Kingdom. Fleeing persecution, the Portuguese monarchs transferred the Portuguese Court from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro, then capital of Colonial Brazil. In 1815, Prince Regent John VI created the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil, and the Algarves, elevating Brazil to the rank of kingdom and increasing its administrative independence. Brazil, Portugal, and Great Britain were the three major contributors to the Independence of Brazil all three motivated by the circumstances peculiar to each.[1] Brazil's Independence was ultimately won through diplomacy after three years of war against Portugal

political revolution erupted in Portugal in 1820, forcing the royal family to return. John VI's heir, Pedro, Prince of Brazil, remained in Brazil. In 1821, the Portuguese Assembly demanded Brazil to return to its former condition of colony and the return of the heir prince to Portugal. Pedro, influenced by the Rio de Janeiro Senate (Senado da Câmara) refused to return on 9 January 1822, a date which became known as Dia do Fico (I'll Stay Day)




Tuesday, September 7, 2021

It is Normal To See High School Kids Hug And Kiss In Brazil

As someone that passed through secondary school in my home country, I am not surprised, but the difference here is that they do it openly without fear, back then when I was in secondary school at least boys and girls used to do it codedly, but in Brazil, on the road, you would see boys and girls Hugging and kissing, the only difference I see here is that we hide and do ours while they do theirs openly and these kids are mainly kids in government secondary schools because I have not seen kids from private schools do this, so don't be surprised when you come To Brazil and see this, Brazil is a free country.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Miss Bumbum Brazil Ass-vertising for COVID Vaccine!!! 18+

 The stars of Brazil's 2021 Miss Bumbum competition are trying to draw attention to the importance of getting vaccinated ... by drawing even more attention to their assets.

Miss BumBum contestants bring traffic to a standstill in thong bikinis

 Kim Kardashian may have broken the internet with her famous derriere but she's got some competition in Brazil.

The 27 women competing to win the title of best bottom in Brazil got into the Olympic spirit yesterday by running in their own 100-meter sprint - in nothing but skimpy bikinis. 

Hopefuls in the annual Miss Bumbum contest, Brazil's most popular beauty pageant, brought traffic to a standstill as they ran down the famous Avenida Paulista, the main street of the country's biggest city Sao Paulo. 

The raunchy race marked the start of the seventh year of the competition, in which the women, each representing a Brazilian state, are whittled down to 15 who then battle it out in a live final. 

Each of the entrants wore nothing more than a skimpy orange bikini and a sash with the name of the state they are representing emblazoned on it.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Miss BumBum contestants pose NUDE covered in Brazilian-themed BODY PAINT 18+


  • Nine contestants in the Brazilian Miss BumBum 2021 competition took part in the proactive project
  • Artists spent 129 hours painting the women, earning a Guinness Book record for 'most hours in body painting for a sporting event' 
  • The women were painted with renderings of the Brazilian flag, Olympic rings, and other Olympic-themed art
  • Among those to pose were Playboy models Lunna LeBlanc and Vanusa Freitas, social media star Leila Dantas, Deia Cavalheiro, and Suzana Simonet

Nine models have smashed a world record by painting their naked bodies to celebrate the upcoming Olympic Games.

The group of women — each of whom were contestants in the Brazilian Miss BumBum 2021 competition — took the task very seriously, spending 129 hours decorating their bodies.

Using the Olympic Games as artistic inspiration, they painted their bodies with the colors of the Brazilian flag as well as the tournament's iconic five-ring symbols.