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Thursday, September 23, 2021

Abortion Is illegal in Brazil

If you read my previous write-ups I told you guys that Brazil is a family-oriented country with family values and forget what you hear about Brazil and the way women dress does not mean they don't have family values, in this part of the world dressing does not define your personality, it is just like tattoos, in Brazil tattoos are just body art but in Africa or in my country the police would arrest you for tattoos and even dreadlocks.

Abortion in Brazil is a crime, with penalties for 1 to 3 years of imprisonment for the pregnant woman, and 1 to 4 years of imprisonment for the doctor or any other person who performs the fetus removal procedure on someone else.

In Brazil they love kids and they don't joke with kids and Brazil is one of the countries where abortion is illegal, they don't allow it but I have read some comments online where people say the rich Brazilians always have abortions because they can afford it, I don't know if the story is true, I am just talking based on what I know about the Brazilian law, and remember health care is free so if you get pregnant you don't need to worry about hospital bills, The life of every child matters in brazil.


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