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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

No beer no Brazil

Whatever you do please don't mess with a Brazilian man's beer, because beer is life in Brazil, after working 10-4 you need to relax your bones. In Brazil, you can drink your beer anywhere, not inside a church though, or in front of a police station lol. you can drink your beer inside a bus.

Men and women drink aside from the ones that don't drink for religious reasons, health reasons, personal reasons, or underage kids.

If you come to Brazil you need to enjoy the culture ever since I started following the culture, I just want to live life because that is the Brazilian way and living life does not mean you won't work hard I told you In Brazil you don't need to be a rich man to enjoy, The rich and poor we all shop in the same place, hey even the Brazilian president drinks beer, lol. The Brazilian president goes for a swim, this is why I love Brazil, life is too short, enjoy it.


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