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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

What I Learned From Covering Fora Bolsanaro Protest

FORA means leave President Bolsonaro, Me personally I always like to stay away from politics because I believe all politicians are the same, so I am not a right-wing or left-wing person, in Brazil, people join political parties because of ideologies unlike what you have in Africa, for me, I am a humanist, I believe humanity should always come first.

The current president is from the right and there have been accusations from the left, they say president Bolsonaro mismanaged the economy and discouraged the use of vaccines and a lot of people have died already

The left has the most popular president in the history of Brazil and that is Lula and recently he was cleared to contest in the election next year

So the protest was a left-wing protest and I was there and what I noticed is freedom, in fact, the police were guarding and protecting everyone.

No tear gas, no live bullets no police beating and harassing people, it was fun for me and peaceful, I wish African countries can learn more about democracy

The place where this protest took place is like 2mins away from the presidential Palace, if this happened in my country the government would have rolled out tanks and start killing people, it is really nice to live in a democratic country. God bless Brazil


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