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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Brazil is not a country it is a spirit

I know many of you would be confused. Lol. so let me break it down, Brazil is a diverse country and that diversity is their strength, and yes we have the normal political brouhaha in Brazil but the country and the constitution is still above anyone in Brazil including the president, yes.


In Brazil, the people help a lot and it does not matter if you belong to the left or right political party, in Brazil, it is always about the country first before an individual.


I would give you an example of the Brazilian spirit which I have done so many times, if I see a car is having issues or the car is stuck on the road and the car is causing traffic I would immediately go there and offer help and before you know it someone else would join, no strings attached and that is the Brazilian spirit.


The Brazilian spirit is what binds all Brazilians, brown, white, black, Asian, Indian and this is what has made the country a great nation, when you are in Brazil you would understand what I mean by the Brazilian spirit, long live the Federal Republic of Brazil.


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