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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Brazilians are some of The nicest people on planet earth

It would not be nice if I don’t talk about the kindness of Brazilians and don’t get me wrong I have lived in different countries. and no country that I have lived in can beat the Brazilian people, Brazilians are nice and I mean super many countries that I have lived in the locals would never want to mix with foreigners or migrants or let me say blacks, but in Brazil it is different, Brazilians make friends easily.


And they even like and want to help you more if they notice that you are not a Brazilian because in Brazil we have over 15 million black people so it is hard to tell if a black man is not a Brazilian.


Brazilians are patient and ready to listen and even at church I was treated well, if you don’t understand the language don’t be scared to bring your phone and translate, Brazilians are always ready to listen.


I was going to buy sports equipment and I was almost at the right place according to my map and I flagged this guy on a motorbike to ask him for directions and the guy looked at it and told me that he is going towards that area and he can drop me off and in my mind, I was scared, lol. In my mind I was like OK if he pulls any crazy stunt we would both crash, he parked pulled out a helmet, and gave it to me and he dropped me off and I was grateful to him and thank him, so this is just the way Brazilians are, he helped me, a total stranger.


Another experience my GF was coming from a supermarket she went to buy some stuff and she was also carrying our kid with the baby carrier you strap to the body and a Brazilian woman saw her and immediately helped her carry some of the stuff down to the house, just like that. Brazilian people are friendly and ready to help and this is why I love Brazil.



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