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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Church in brazil

Church this is a serious matter and Coming from a country with one of the largest Christian populations in the world and home to the richest pastors on earth and the same country overtook India to have one of the largest populations of poor people and I would hold the religious leaders and politicians responsible and yes I am a Christian but it won't stop me from saying the truth, Politicians visit these pastors ahead of elections so the pastor must always speak out when the politicians go wrong and now back, To the topic.

Brazil has the second-largest Christian population in the world and we have churches everywhere but their style is different, we have a lot of pentecostal churches here as well and we have rich ones like universal.

In Brazil, even the pastor has a job, lol. É shock you? my pastor always go to work and we don't have night vigils here at least in my state and church programs are mostly around 6pm on Sundays because of people that have to work trust me nobody would leave their job and come to church and during the week we have some few programs as well and yes there are churches that have morning service but my own pastor has a job so after work he comes to church to preach, so this is how it is in Brazil and they are super nice and you can give if you have and there is no competition.


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