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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Countries With The Highest Number Of Citizens Living In The Diaspora

We have 3.1 million Brazilian living In other countries, so now you understand that the world is a global village and you can live in any country that you want and we also have 60,000 Americans living in Brazil and 1.4m Brazilians living in the USA.

India is number one we have Over 18 million Indians living outside their country, so Nigerians In India always remind Indians in India because I always read about a lot of issues from India against Africans. 

We have Mexico, China, Russia, Syria, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Ukraine, Philippines, and Afghanistan in the top 10 of people with the largest number of citizens living in the diaspora in 2019.

According to what I see online it says we have 1.7million Nigerians in the diaspora and Brazil has 3.1m people living in the diaspora, so it means Brazilians also travel.

Nigeria has a population of 212m and it shows that less than 1% of Nigerians travel and live abroad.

The population of Brazil is 214m and less than 2% of the population travel and live outside Brazil. 

So it means we Nigerians have not even started traveling, So don't let anyone in the country where you reside make you fear we are all migrants, We live in each others country


  1. Thanks so much for this candid informations. God will Always bless you!!

  2. thank you and God bless you too