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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

No language is really hard

I knew what I was going in for when I wanted to come to Brazil, I was willing and ready to learn the language in fact I started learning the language many years ago even before I arrived here but I stopped when I was refused a Brazilian visa, but brazil was still in my heart. 


When I arrived in brazil my best friend was my Google translator, I could not do anything without it, but because of doing business I was able to interact with Brazilians which made understanding the language kind of easy, I am not out of A level yet, lol but I am better now, I mostly don’t use my translator anymore, because I pay close attention to what anyone Is saying. 


Back then I was saying to myself would I ever understand this language, but today things are different. so no language is hard all you need is the passion and the zeal to learn the language and you will if you live in China and you love the language trust me you would know the language all you need is just time and seriousness.


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