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Monday, October 11, 2021

Racism in brazil

We always hear a lot about racism in Brazil and I won’t sit here and tell you that there is no racism in Brazil, I spoke to a foreigner from one of the middle eastern countries and he told me he experienced racism in the south of Brazil and I won’t say we don’t have good people in the south of Brazil, of course, we do or I won’t say there is no racism anywhere else in Brazil, I am just talking about the someone’s experience. any day I experience racism in brazil trust me I will talk about it.


The constitution of  brazil says the practice of racism is a non-bailable crime, with no limitation, subject to the penalty of confinement, under the terms of the law. A person that has been charged with this crime can spend up to five years in prison.


Me personally I had an experience but I don’t know if I should call it racism, I would write about it in my blog. Generally, Brazilians are wonderful people and they love to help so racism is just an individual thing, I have not felt any institutional racism in Brazil because I am a foreigner, under the Brazilian constitution we all have equal rights. in fact me personally I always get more love from people if they know I am not Brazilian (not yet).


We are all Brazilians, white, brown, black, Asian, Indian. So personally I won’t say I have experienced the kind of racism we see in the western world, as a black man I feel at home in Brazil, so live your life and mind your business and if you get racial slurs directed at you make a report, racism is a crime in Brazil. as an African we even face tribalism amongst ourselves, Brazil is not a racist country but it does not mean it doesn’t exist.


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