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Friday, October 1, 2021

The beauty of democracy in Brazil

The Brazilian democracy is wonderful and everyone is allowed to vote and in fact, it is a must for every educated person to vote in Brazil or you would be asked to pay a fine.

Many of you don't know that Brazil is a country with the rule of law and in Brazil, the Supreme Court can shut down the president and he would do nothing, unlike my country and some countries in Africa and even in Asia and Europe where the president is above the law, in Brazil Nobody is above the law

Watch the video to better understand what I mean by the beauty of the Brazilian democracy and in the video, the journalists were asking random people in Brasilia, Brazil who they want to vote for next year in the presidential elections

The two main contenders are the sitting president bolsonaro and the former president Lula and in the video, some voters actually say they won't vote for any of them, lol. Brazil is a great country and I love Brazil


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