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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Why migrants are leaving Brazil

Brazil is a warm country and they love foreigners and they love to help I feel Brazil should be given an award by the UN because of its refugee policy, Brazil welcomes migrants from many countries. 


Brazil is not like the USA and we know the USA economy is the largest in the world because of how the media have painted the USA many people think money grows on trees in the USA, they don’t know you still have to work hard and even do 2-3jobs.


Brazil has some advantages that the USA does not have and let me mention one health care, in the USA health is not free and it is free in Brazil. we have 60,000 Americans living in brazil.


Many migrants are risking their lives through the jungle to get to the USA border because of what the media shows them, they believe once they get to the USA they would be rich or blow like we always say in my country. 


Brazil will not really relocate any migrants or pay them like Germany does but they would give everything you need to stand on your feet because with your refugee paper you can open a bank account and open a business and many other things. I think refugee-like Syrians, Afghans, and Haitians(Recognized refugees in brazil) are getting money from the UN through Brazil, but I am not sure about this. I stand to be corrected.


In Brasil is it normal to see migrants complaining about brazil and why they want to leave Brazil, I am grateful to brazil and I won’t be leaving Brazil, I have seen many migrants get stuck in Mexico like what you see in the video below, I had an argument with someone because he wanted me to join him in another developed country and I refused, I told him I am not leaving Brazil. i am tired of relocating, brazil is my home now.


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