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Monday, December 20, 2021

A skill might save you abroad learn something now

I have been saying this and I would say it again, learn a skill like we call it in my home country "handwork", don't be fooled by people abroad always painting a nice picture especially those in America, they won't say the truth, but I would tell you the hard truth.

I never had a skill before coming to Brazil, but a guy from Senegal selling wristwatches taught me how to fix watches and I make money with it just by changing wristwatch batteries, I  never dreamt of learning any skill, but that's the life you know. 

Do not be shy of your skillset, if you are a mechanic you would make money, do your thing, and make your money, here is the list of what you can learn.





Wristwatch repairer

Laptop and phone repairer*hot cake

Microwave, fridge, and washing machine repairer

TV repairer

And many others I didn't mention, the point is just having a damn skill.

Yes, we all want jobs but ask yourself what happens if they lay you off or the company shuts down? remember it is not your country. Don't allow anyone to deceive you, the global economy is affected by covid, there are no jobs anywhere(maybe in a few countries) so don't allow any agent lie to you because I don't want you to get frustrated abroad. Please make sure you are good at what you do, if you mess people's jobs up abroad they would sue you.


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