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Friday, December 17, 2021

African leaders are just wicked and heartless

I was listening to a song and it hit me, African leaders are just wicked and heartless and I mean I am in the hospitality business so traveling and politics would always mix because the industry depends on politicians and the decisions they make, so I must always talk about politics, but I am smart enough to know that all politicians are the same, I certainly can't die for any politician I can only die for the flag, so I won't take any side all I want is good governance, cheap gas, free education, free health, as long as you can provide that I have no problem with you.

The government of Brazil changed the image of the favelas and they pumped in money to make the place where tourists can visit and that was a smart move.

Don't you know people in the hospitality business always lobby the government because they make money from tourism?

Africans are now endangered species outside the shores of Africa because of bad leaders, people are leaving Africa in droves, the Mediterranean swallowed many and the Darien gap jungle did the same thing.

The worse part is that the western countries are a part of the problem especially America and France, the brits really don't have any strong influence if America wants something the brits would fall in line, western leaders support corrupt African leaders.

African leaders please steal but use that stolen money to build infrastructure and build manufacturing companies, don't take that money abroad because you are making the western countries richer, make Africa great again so that the Mediterranean and the Darien gap jungle would no longer swallow our people.


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