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Friday, December 24, 2021

Brazil deserves an award from the UN

Brazil is a great country and their love for humanity can't be over-emphasized, Brazil is for hard workers not for people looking for handouts, Brazil would never deport you for any immigration issues and they are still taking in Venezuelan and Haitian refugees

Brazil gives the refugees all they need to survive in Brazil but do not expect the Brazilian government to make you lazy by paying you, boy get your lazy behind up and work.

Brazil is not Germany that makes the refugees lazy, according to the Brazilian constitution as long as you are on Brazilian soil nobody can touch you and you can't be deported for political reasons. Brazil is doing a lot and I feel they deserve an award from the UN if they have not gotten one already, Brazil also offered help to Afghan refugees if we are to judge countries by how they treat people I feel Brazilians refugees in Europe and America should be treated with respect. 


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