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Friday, August 5, 2022

Beautiful pictures of indigenous Brazilian women

The indigenous Brazilians are beautiful and they still preserve their cultures and traditions they even speak their own language but most of them can speak Portuguese, they really don't want to be integrated into the society they just want to be left alone to live their life.

Check out this beautiful Brazilian hawker

Yes they hawk in brazil but it is not like what you have in Africa, I mean in Africa they would mostly put the goods on their head but in Brazil, they move around with it, nothing should stop you from working to pay the bills.

Lion Invades A 5 Star Restaurant inside Hotel In India

This is scary Imagine coming out of your hotel room and you see this lion, what would you do?

Beautiful Brazilian Lady Playing with A Huge Amazonian Anaconda

you would always find anacondas in brazil in the amazon rainforest, can you play with one, what do you think?

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Meet the Brazilian Micheal Jackson

The king of pop is still alive and he is currently living in Brazil, what do you think guys?

The true story of why the Italian man killed the Nigerian man

I just can't get over this story because it could be any of us living abroad and we must stand with the family of this Nigerian man so they can get justice, just look at the real reason why the mentally sick Italian criminal killed the innocent crippled Street seller

Italian man who killed the Nigerian has borderline personality disorder

I knew something was off about the Italian man because how would you kill a crippled man because he called your girlfriend beautiful and told her to buy his handkerchief or give him a euro, worse part after the monster killed the innocent Nigerian man he stole his phone, so this deranged criminal is a murderer and a thief, I hope he spends some time in jail because they won't give him life because of his mental issues, may the Lord comfort the family of Alika.

Photo Credit:Uwalars on facebook

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Rare Phenomenon ship in the UK floats in the sky

Last week, photos of a vessel "floating" in the sky above the city of Cornwall, UK, confused many people on the internet, who thought it was a "ghost ship" or even a montage. But in fact, there was no modification of the image, nor is it something supernatural. The explanation for this is an optical illusion. The case occurred last Thursday, 28, but it is not the first time.


The specific term for the phenomenon is "Fata Morgana", a name that comes from a witch in the King-Arthur legend, and occurs when hot air meets cold water, creating a thermal inversion, making objects appear to be floating, like the ship.

"The optical illusion lasted at least half an hour. And as people do with most optical illusions or magic tricks, I was trying to track down what it was or how it worked," resident Lizzi Larbalestier told the local Cornwall newspaper. Live, who posted the video on his Facebook account.

It was caused by different air densities refracting light. Similar to a straw appearing to bend in a glass of water

Brazilians react to the killing of the nigerian man in italy

The killing of the Nigerian man in Italy really vibrated all around the world, it shows the cruelty of humans and this is why we must fight against racism but I think some European countries are not serious about the fight against racism check out the reactions of Brazilians to the incident.

Nigerian killed in Italy:Brazilian woman says dont die for a woman

We all saw the video of how the Italian man killed a crippled Nigerian street trader and it was heartbreaking the Nigerian man died in the most horrible/horrific way, he was helpless, there are better ways to settle things like calling the police and filling a report and we used to think that these kinds of crimes only occur in the so-called third world countries but the so-called First World countries are also barbaric, I am not surprised, go and read about the brutality of the Europeans.

When the news hit Brazil and I was going through the comments section on Facebook and this woman's comment caught my eye that is the reality of life, do not fight because of a woman allow the law to deal with the person, the Italian man killed a crippled man because of his girlfriend and now he would be in jail and that his girlfriend would be with another man tomorrow because I am sure she won't be able to wait for him for 10years, the crippled Nigerian man did not assault or rape his girlfriend before you act always think first.

Sunday, July 31, 2022

Black Kids of Brazilian White Actress Racial Assaulted In Portugal

 Titi and Bless, sons of Ewbank and Gagliasso are victims of racism in Portugal

The family was enjoying a trip to a restaurant in Portugal when a blonde woman who was passing by began to utter racist insults; Gio Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso filed a complaint and the woman was arrested

Giovanna Ewbank and Bruno Gagliasso spend a family period in Portugal with their children Titi, Bless, and Zyan, and, this Saturday (30), the couple's children were victims of racism. The case happened while the family was at the Clássico Beach Club restaurant, in Costa da Caparica, Portugal.

According to reports, a white and blonde woman was passing in front of the restaurant and started cursing Titi and Bless. In addition to the couple's children, the woman also allegedly made offenses against a family of Angolan tourists who were at the place. The woman accused of racism allegedly asked them to leave the restaurant and return to Africa, as well as called them "filthy niggers".

In a video that circulates on the internet, it is possible to see Giovanna Ewbank defending her children from racist attacks. While the woman is sitting, the actress starts talking to her.

"Disgusting racist, you son of a bitch. That's what you are. Horrible, you're disgusting. Look at your face, you deserve you know what? You deserve a punch, a punch in your face. That's what you deserve ", said Ewbank.

Credit: Globo.com

Beach In Rio When there was no plastic surgeries or Phones

Those were the days when people can talk to each other but today big tech is controlling everybody and in fact, they are more powerful than many governments around the world.

Check out how the foreign exchange market works in Brazil

The foreign exchange market is regulated in Brazil and the system is decentralized unlike what you have in some countries where you have the black market controlling the economy of the country and in most cases bringing the country down.

In Brazil, the rate you see online is the same thing you would get when you go to the fx office to change or buy dollars or any other foreign currency you want. They would take their own tax and that's it, different from what you have in Nigeria where it is so difficult to buy foreign currencies and then you have no choice but to buy from the black market, pure madness, a country must not be allowed to function that way.

Saturday, July 30, 2022

'Brazilian Hulk' dies in Ribeirão Preto, on the day he turned 55

The Paulista Valdir Segato, who was successful on social networks because of his arm muscles, being known as the "Brazilian Hulk", died in Ribeirão Preto. His death was recorded on Tuesday (26), the same day the man turned 55. The information about Segato's death was confirmed to UOL by his friends. According to one of them, Valdir felt sick at home, he was rescued by Samu (Mobile Emergency Care Service) for the Nelson Mandela UPA, but he couldn't resist. The cause of death was not revealed

Segato's latest publications on the networks alluded to his birthday. "Another year of life," he said in one of the posts. With almost three thousand followers on Instagram, he received a series of comments lamenting the death. Segato's story became known worldwide in 2016 when Valdir was interviewed by the British tabloid Daily Mail. At the time, he was called the "Brazilian Hulk" and confessed that he injected Synthol, a mineral oil, to make his arms bigger. "They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger, and He-Man all the time. I've doubled the size of my bicep, but I want it to grow even bigger," he said. Valdir's goal was to reach 68 cm.


Friday, July 22, 2022

Ladies what do you think about his trending Brazilian hairstyle

When some old men like us are trying to prevent bald heads, lol, these youngsters are trying to get one, I don't understand this kind of haircut, so ladies what do you think.

This is what snow is like in Brazil

Brazil is blessed with everything and As Europe and some other countries are experiencing apocalyptic heat waves we in Brazil are really enjoying the winter.

Many actually do not know that it snows in Brazil but in the southern part of Brazil, but people in other parts of Brazil are also feeling the cold, for example in Goias and Brasilia now the cold is crazy, you have to cover up very well and it started around May and it could go away around August, but I am really enjoying it because I do not like the summer season,I am fully covered up while typing this.

Photos copied from Facebook

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Military Police Officer kills,wife,children,mother and brother

Fabiano Garcia: find out who was the PM who killed six people from his own family before killing himself in Paraná.

Fabiano Júnior Garcia, 37, had been with the Corporation for 12 years and normally worked hours before murdering eight people - six family members and two strangers. PM hinted on the internet that he was going through a difficult time.

Fabiano Júnior Garcia – the man who killed eight people, including six family members, before killing himself on Thursday night (14) – was a 37-year-old military police officer and lived in Toledo, Paraná.

Fabiano was born in São Miguel do Iguaçu, which is about 100 km from Toledo. The policeman had been with the corporation for 12 years and, according to the PM itself, would have worked normally hours before murdering the eight victims.

The military police officer worked on Thursday until 7 pm at the 19th Military Police Battalion of Toledo. Upon leaving work, he went to meet the victims.

On social media, Fabiano showed pride in working for the corporation and shared photos with his family: his wife Kassiele Moreira Mendes Garcia, 28 years old; the children Miguel Augusto da Silva Garcia, Kamili Rafaela da Silva Garcia and Amanda Mendes Garcia, 4, 9 and 12 years old.

Fabiano and Kassiele have been married since 2012. All were murdered.

In his last Facebook post, on July 12, he hinted that he was going through a difficult phase in his life. The shared image shows a stage of a video game with many obstacles, alluding to the moment he faced.

In a photo together with Fabiano published in 2019, Kassiele Moreira Garcia showed support for the September Yellow campaign, to prevent suicide.


Thursday, July 14, 2022

Beautiful bikini pictures of the tallest woman in Brazil

This woman is the tallest woman in brazil and she is proud and she is beautiful as well, kudos to her.