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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

How to get Google AdSense Approval in 24-48 hours

It is a good feeling when you get that email from Google telling you that you can start making money from your site, it feels so good because writing is not easy at all, so this is how I got my AdSense approved in 24-48hours

Getting your AdSense approved in 24-48 hours is not hard and the reason why most people think that it is hard is that they focus on making money and their mind is always on the money that they would be getting from AdSense, lol, I know we all love money but the goal should be for you to do what you love and as you know my blog is a travel blog about brazil and I love Brazil and I am passionate about brazil so I just keep on writing and I never get tired and in fact, I have a lot of articles in my draft that I have not even posted yet.

I use to see a lot of posts of people complaining about AdSense and how AdSense is not approving their site and I mostly find out that people are more focused on getting money from Adsense instead of putting In work To make it all easy at the end and In this article, I would be telling you how to put in work and get the good news from AdSense in the end.

The first thing you need to understand is that you need a lot of patience and if you are someone without patience AdSense might not be for you because it takes time, I waited for so long because I did not want to be rejected by AdSense

Secondly  is that you need to allow your site to be at least 6months old, yes 6months

You need to buy a domain, you can buy any cheap domain

Your site has to be indexed on google and bing

Your site needs to have over 10k views

You need to write a lot of unique articles yourself and don't copy and past

You need to write a lot of articles because I got AdSense approval with a lot of articles, I had over 300 articles before I applied a few days ago and I got approved in 48hours

So those points above are the main points and what you need to get approved in 24-48 hours

Many of you already know the steps but here is what I did

You have to verify your identity and enter your payment details and you also have to verify your phone number

I connected my AdSense to my site by placing the code on my site

I use a  free theme

I chose auto ads because I don't have time to stress myself

So these are the main steps to apply once and get it, instead of applying multiple times

That was all I did and after 48 hours I got an email telling me that my site is ready to show ads and like I said all you need is patience, write about what you love and let money not be at the forefront of what you are doing and in the end you would be happy because all your work and patience would not be in vain, so follow those steps and you would get approved in 24-48 hours, Finally please support me by subscribing to my youtube channel below, Thank you and Boa Sorte(Good Luck)


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