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Friday, January 28, 2022

We have 2 major ride-sharing apps in Brazil

In Brazil you might not really need a car but if you live in a very big city like Brasilia you would definitely need a car or if you are into the delivery business like me you would surely need a car but the transportation system in Brazil is awesome and if you decide not to buy a car you would be fine for sure

We have 2 major ride-sharing apps in Brazil they are uber and the Brazilian version called 99

Uber is known worldwide and it is fast but my problem with uber is that they cancel a lot and they make you pay, heck I lost a lot of money to uber and their crazy drivers they waste your time and they cancel and still make you pay, I had to remove the damn app

99 this is awesome I have not had any issue since I have been using this app, the ride could take 5-7mins but the driver would always come and they don't do anyhow like uber and their customer care service is top-notch and if you are overcharged by a driver they would refund you, so it is 99 for me, so you can download 99 when you are in Brazil and enjoy your ride