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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Brazilian President Bolsonaro hospitalized again for intestinal obstruction

The President of the Republic, Jair Bolosnaro (PL), was admitted to the Hospital das Forças Armadas, in Brasília, on Monday night (28), after feeling discomfort.  The information is from the UOL portal.

The president reportedly felt sick right after lunch and went to the Armed Forces Hospital.  There are suspicions that Bolsonaro would be suffering from new intestinal obstruction.

Sunday, March 20, 2022

How much is petrol in the country where you reside

We all know the Russian invasion is affecting the price of petrol in some countries and in Brazil they increased the price to 7:39 reais per liter but there is talk in Congress to reduce the price immediately.

Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Miss BumBum World aims to discover the best bum worldwide

  • Contestants from Australia, the USA, Canada, and Europe will compete for the title

  • The winner will win almost £10,000 in endorsement deals after taking part 

  • Cacau Oliver set up a competition that starts on September 30 in Mexico City 

  • Miss BumBum hopefuls don teeny bikinis and barely-there swimwear as the controversial Brazilian pageant opens to international contestants for the first time. 

    The contest will take place on September 30th in Mexico City, and will see females from across the world, including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, Mexico, and Brazil, flaunt their pert posteriors and battle it out to win the title of the world's best bottom.


  • Fuel Price hike:Uber driver sells drinks in his car

    Well this is just another way to beat the high cost of petrol and the prices also increased here in Brazil as well

    Monday, March 14, 2022

    Road safety officer hangs on a moving vehicle

    This is just funny and dangerous at the same time, why didn't this officer just pen down the plate number of the car instead of risking his life, I don't just understand this kind of madness

    My advice to portable

    It is simple the street is not smiling and they waiting for your downfall and the best way to beat them is to invest whatever you are making now, don't buy cars, I won't tell you what to invest in but, just invest.

    Keep doing what you do at first, I didn't really follow him up but when I started I discovered he makes sense his style of delivering that sense is different and that's his style and he also has free speech like you and me.

    Sunday, March 13, 2022

    Portable:Why do we get mad when someone from the street makes it

    I don't just understand this, is it that people from the street should not win?

    Who cares about your bloody English and your certificate?

    Education is just to gain knowledge and nothing more

    Many people did not have the opportunity to study

    Free the street man

    These people from the street should support portable and not harass him

    Don't make him leave the hood and this is why many successful people that came from the hood always leave the hood because of hate and envy

    It's his time let him enjoy it very well

    Portable is portable don't expect him to be  like you or olamide

    We all have our style

    Listen to portable very well and you would understand he makes a lot of sense

    Out of all the upcoming artists he was chosen by God to be blessed, so free him

    My advice to portable is to invest your money now because the street is not smiling and they are waiting for you to fall

    The Yorubas would say I am me and you can never use another person to replace me, I believe in originality, be yourself and do you and don't live your life for anybody and that is what portable is doing

    Saturday, March 12, 2022

    Miss bum bum Brazil vs miss bum bum china choose one

    when i posted the china miss bum bum,many people did not like it and they love the Brazilian original version so, here's a poll,choose one,lol

    Check out this 1972 Volkswagen that cost $1500

    In Brazil it is normal to find these cars and they still look clean and nice and in my home country we call is tortoise car, lol

    In Brazil nobody cares if you are still using this kinda car because in Brazil they appreciate vintage cars, so can you buy this for $1500

    Friday, March 11, 2022

    china copies Brazil miss bum bum contest by celebrating women's bumbum


    • Dozens of women shook their shapely buttocks in skimpy thongs in Shenyang, China, on June 24

    • They were competing at the 'Beautiful Buttocks Contest', a copy of Brazil's famous beauty pageant

    • Contestants were judged by the 'roundness, curviness and firmness' of their bums, the organizer said

    • The final competition is set to take place at Bird's Nest, the Chinese national stadium, on December 24 

    Writhing, wiggling, and shaking, dozens of scantily-clad women did whatever they could to show off their shapely bottoms at a packed Chinese mall.

    The crowd was restless, cameras were flashing and the young winner was hailed by the onlookers.

    Welcome to the Communist version of 'Miss BumBum', likely the most surreal beauty pageant in the world.

    Compared to Brazil where the champion last year walked away with an £18,000 modelling contract, the prize of Saipu's competition was relatively small.

    Meet ‘China’s Miss BumBum’ who won most beautiful buttocks’ contest

    MEET China’s answer to Kim Kardashian who has been crowned winner of her country’s 'most beautiful buttocks' contest thanks to her perky posterior.

    Gao Qian, 19, has been blessed with slender curves, but she revealed that hysteria over her shapely rear means she cannot wear tight clothes in public.

     Gao Qian has been crowned winner of China’s 'most beautiful buttocks' contest


    Thursday, March 10, 2022

    America is now getting closer to Venezuela to buy their oil

    The American hypocrisy stinks and this is what I dislike about America, after destroying Venezuela with sanctions and turning their people into refugees they now want to turn off the around and buy their oil because they are doing the same thing to Russia now

    Yes the corruption in the Venezuelan oil industry was a part of the problem but America is the main problem, they made sure Venezuela did not export oil

    Look at this Brazilian guy's comment he hit the nail on the head