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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Husband Caught his Wife Having Sex With A Homeless man in her car

This story really divided the Brazilian public, while a lot of people supported the homeless man and by the way, he is no longer homeless and some people are supporting the woman and her husband, if this happened in Africa we would say the homeless man used juju(voodoo) on the woman, lol, read more below and tell me what you think

The story of the personal trainer who found his wife having sex with a homeless person inside a car in Planaltina, Distrito Federal, went all over Brazil.  The case, which took place in March, culminated in the beating of the "homeless person" at the hands of Eduardo Alves.  After accusing former homeless Givaldo Alves on social media of "using her as an object of pleasure", Sandra Mara Fernandes stated that she did not betray her husband and gave details of the treatment to which she is being subjected.

 In an interview, this Thursday (28), with SBT Brasília, she defined the last few days as "the worst of her life" and revealed that she was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, which ended in a psychotic break.  “I was diagnosed with bipolar affective disorder, confirmed by a medical report. Which, in my case, was from a very high euphoria that reached the psychotic break, because it can reach that level. It (the medicine) stabilizes your mood," he explained.

 According to the businesswoman, during the outbreak, she thought that Givaldo Alves was her husband, but that no one believed her version: "I didn't expect it to take the proportion it did. I felt humiliated by society. I don't accept what they said about me. It's not like that. I'm not that woman. I didn't cheat on my husband, I didn't choose to go through an outbreak. The act itself, I didn't know that man. I did think it was my husband. And that people didn't believe".

Sandra stated that she is being labeled an "adulteress" and that people do not understand her husband's reaction, Eduardo Alves, when he takes her side.  "I couldn't believe they labeled my husband as a cuckold in this situation. They didn't understand his side and they also don't understand why he defended me so much", she pointed out.

Homeless person and Sandra, moments before everything happened.  She says that she saw God and her husband's image in him.  Police investigate whether there was abuse

Sandra and her husband

The homeless man after he was beaten by Sandra's husband


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