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Thursday, May 5, 2022

Take Care of Your Hair Racist Woman Tells Black Woman In Sao Paulo

Racism is disgusting and there is no place for racism in brazil because brazil is not Europe or America, racism is against the law in brazil and it is right there in the Brazilian constitution, I have a copy, read more about the story below and you can also see the racist woman and people protesting.

The Civil Police of São Paulo investigates an alleged case of racism against a black woman on a train on the 1-blue Metro line late this Monday afternoon (2).  The episode provoked protests and the beginning of riots at the Ana Rosa station, in Vila Mariana, south of the capital.  The case was registered as a racial slur in the 27th Police District, in Campo Belo (south zone).  The suspect was released after giving evidence.  Folha does not disclose her name because she has not yet been able to contact her defense.  According to information recorded in a police report, the victim, Welica Senra Ribeiro, 35, said she was with her family, who is from Rio de Janeiro, when a woman, who is white and blonde, said: "Take care of your hair. because it is close to my face and can make me sick". 

racist woman

people protesting against racism



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