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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

The Number of Africans in the UAE is more than the Jobs Over There

Shame on African leaders they have failed and it is normal for people to seek employment in Other countries but for Africans it is different, people are actually leaving because the leaders in their countries have failed them, it was not like this 10 years ago.

The number of Africans in the UAE is more than the jobs in the UAE and remember we also have people from other countries as well, from Asia, Europe, and North America working in the UAE.

The major problem Africans are having in the UAE is the visa agents that always tell lies to the people, they push them to Dubai with the promise of getting them jobs and at end of the day it would be all lies and there would be no jobs for anyone and many are left stranded and many can't even return home because of shame and debts they owe, Remember alot of people borrow money and even sell off their properties to travel, the moral of the story is, do your own research before you travel, always leave Nigeria with a work visa and overall stop traveling to Arab countries, just look at Sierra Leonean citizens in Dubai trying to get back to their country.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Why spend $20,000 on a car when you can buy a house in Brazil

There are a lot of advantages for you if you buy a house in Brazil with that $20,000 that you are planning to use and purchase a car, remember a car is not an investment, and truth be told it is something that you should have to make your movement easy, but if you are living in a country like Nigeria, it becomes a liability because the roads are terrible and you would see yourself spending more money to maintain the car.

But a house is everlasting, and it becomes so sweet when you buy a house in a country like Brazil. Everything follows the proper channel and you can even use it for Airbnb and make your money back in 10 years' time.

Brazil is the economic powerhouse of South America and the largest economy in South America, a stable democracy, and a country with the rule of law and freedom.

So before you invest in that Lexus or Benz, have a rethink and invest in your future. Brazil is the future and an emerging superpower.