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Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Rare Phenomenon ship in the UK floats in the sky

Last week, photos of a vessel "floating" in the sky above the city of Cornwall, UK, confused many people on the internet, who thought it was a "ghost ship" or even a montage. But in fact, there was no modification of the image, nor is it something supernatural. The explanation for this is an optical illusion. The case occurred last Thursday, 28, but it is not the first time.


The specific term for the phenomenon is "Fata Morgana", a name that comes from a witch in the King-Arthur legend, and occurs when hot air meets cold water, creating a thermal inversion, making objects appear to be floating, like the ship.

"The optical illusion lasted at least half an hour. And as people do with most optical illusions or magic tricks, I was trying to track down what it was or how it worked," resident Lizzi Larbalestier told the local Cornwall newspaper. Live, who posted the video on his Facebook account.

It was caused by different air densities refracting light. Similar to a straw appearing to bend in a glass of water


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