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Friday, September 30, 2022


The inspiration for this came from the experience that I have had settling fights and quarrels between clients and visa agents. Trust me, it is not an easy one. People have lost money because there was no agreement. The most annoying part is that you might get insults for trying to settle the issue.

This is meant to protect the client and the travel consultant.

I decided that we have to start doing things professionally, to save us the headache in the future because trust me it is not something that we need to go through because it is depressing and stressful, I have been there when I was a client myself, so I understand the pain.

You can easily settle this with an agreement. Both parties should read and agree before they move forward. This agreement is a must-have for clients and travel agents, just EDIT and use.







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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Book Your Honeymoon-Wedding Anniversary Holiday Tour In Rio, Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country with lovely and friendly people, as you can see from the pictures I attached below, Brazil is a free country with the rule of law, give your partner -lover the best honeymoon-Wedding Anniversary experience that they would never forget, give the love of your life the best trip of their life, trust me they would never forget this trip, there are many places that you would visit in the beautiful and famous Rio de Janeiro, like christ our redeemer statue, clear waters of Arraial do Cabo and many more.

This 7-day tour package comes with a nice and comfortable airport pickup ride to your hotel, 4-star hotel accommodation near the beach for 7 days with breakfast, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, a gym, visa assistance, a boat ride, and lunch, just 7 days of pure fun, and enjoyment. It would be a memorable one, trust me.

What are you waiting for? come to Brazil "Mi Amor."😄

Book Your Christmas Holiday Tour In Rio, Brazil

Brazil is a beautiful country as you can see from the pictures I attached below and Brazil is also a Christian country with over 200M Christians, give your family the best Christmas experience that they would never forget, and give your family the best trip of their life, there are many places you would visit in the famous Rio de Janeiro like Christ our redeemer statue, clear waters of Arraial do Cabo, clear waters of Angra dos Reis, Or the famous Copacabana Beach and many more.

This 7-day tour package comes with a nice and comfortable airport pickup ride to your hotel, 4-star hotel accommodation near the beach for 7 days with breakfast, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, a gym, visa assistance, a boat ride, and lunch, just 7 days of pure fun, and enjoyment. It would be a memorable one, trust me.

Now For the best part, the tour is free for kids below 5 years, what are you waiting for come to Brazil.😀😂

Sunday, September 25, 2022

Brazilian Lady Shows How Much She Earns In America

Brazilian lady showing us how much she earns in the USA, you must work hard to earn and the good thing about countries like the USA is that the tax you pay would work for you, unlike countries where they embezzle the tax the people pay.

Meet the Brazilian traditionalist contesting in the 2022 elections

Mãe Baiana, from her origins, in the municipality of Serra de Mundo Novo, to her consolidation as one of the main voices in the fight against prejudice and in defense of Afro-based beliefs in Brazil. Adna also works as head of the Afro-Brazilian Heritage Division of the Palmares Cultural Foundation (FCP).

Friday, September 23, 2022

Brazilian man faces 1-5 years in jail for kissing Brazilian reporter live on air

The Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ), through the Temporary Sports Thematic Group, denounced for sexual harassment the fan who caressed and kissed the face of a reporter, without her authorization, during a live TV broadcast. The case took place on September 7 in the vicinity of Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro, before the game Flamengo and Velez for Libertadores.

The complaint offered by the prosecutor Glícia Pessanha Carvalho Viana reports that the journalist was preparing to enter a television broadcast, when Marcelo Benevides started screaming and cursing.

According to the complaint, the victim asked the accused to calm down. The fan then approached her, apologized, put his hand on her shoulder, slid it up to her arm and kissed the victim's shoulder, who dodged. Then, she started a live report and, while talking to the presenter of the program, the accused kissed her again, now on her face, against her will.

In the aftermath of the episode, Benevides tried to flee, but was overtaken by the cameraman and camera assistant, who detained him until the police arrived. The accused will answer for the crime of sexual harassment, article 215-A of the Penal Code.

Benevides was detained for one day and is provisionally released, as the Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro (TJ-RJ) converted his arrest into preventive custody, after a custody hearing was held.

“I just wanted to work”, says reporter

Jessica used her Instagram account to speak out about what happened. “I suffered sexual harassment while working and that is a crime. I didn't want a kiss, I didn't want affection, I didn't want to spend 3 hours in a police station. I just wanted to work,” she lamented.

The journalist said that before her entry, fans cursed for the delay of the live. Just before starting the broadcast, “the 'apologies' came with smoothing on the shoulders and a kiss on the spot”.

The final act was the kiss on her cheek, caught on camera.

“The human being who did this was with an underage son who apologized for his father. The boy is not to blame, don't punish his family. I appreciate all the support and love from my bosses, colleagues, fans, viewers and listeners at @espnbrasil and @lbvbrasil . Special thanks to @bandeira2000 and @andrelzdsouza, my team on the agenda,” she wrote.

It configures sexual harassment "to practice against someone and without their consent a lewd act to satisfy one's own lasciviousness or that of a third party". The crime was inserted into the Penal Code in 2018.

The practice differs from harassment, as the lawyer explains: “Sexual harassment and harassment are different crimes, despite being crimes against sexual freedom. While in harassment we have the practice of a libidinous act against the victim, in harassment what characterizes the crime is the constraint of the victim with the purpose of obtaining sexual advantage or favor, always exercised by his hierarchical superior, someone with a position of ascendancy”.

In Gomes' assessment, the images are sufficient to prove that there was “an act with a sexual connotation without the consent of the reporter, who was working and clearly felt harassed and attacked”.

The penalty provided for the crime of sexual harassment is from 1 to 5 years in prison, but it is possible that, at the end of the investigations, the Public Prosecutor's Office will offer an agreement that replaces imprisonment.

In a statement, the Disney Group, which owns ESPN, said that “it rebukes any type of violence, whether physical or verbal, and we are providing all the support to the professional and taking the necessary measures so that intolerant attitudes, such as this, do not go unpunished. . We remain at the disposal of the authorities for any type of clarification”.

CNN is still seeking contact with Marcelo Benevides Silva's lawyers.

156 Milion Voters: What I find fascinating about Brazilian elections

Brazilians don't joke about their election, why? Because their votes always count and nobody or region is disenfranchised, everyone must vote and you would be fined if you don't vote, for next month's elections 156m people are registered to vote out of a population of over 200m, this is so encouraging and Africa countries should make their electoral system transparent and credible, that way you can vote in the right person.

8 days to the Brazilian presidential elections, Lula 47%, Bolsonaro 33%

The Brazilian presidential election is fast approaching, it is so close, the polls will take place on October 2 2022 and my stand on the election is, May the best man win, we want someone that would give us cheap food and cheap gas, But I don't trust CNN, long live the Federal Republic of brazil.

Sunday, September 18, 2022

President Lula Supporter Dancing With President Bolsonaro's Supporters

Politics should not be about hatred, the country should always come first, don't die because of any politician, an example is the Americans regardless of who is in power Democrat or Republican, they always do the same thing by putting their country first, we need more love and not hate, elections should not bring hate.

Monday, September 12, 2022

British colonization was riddled with abuse, racism, violence,extreme drain of wealth

British colonization was riddled with abuse, inequalities, racism, violence, and an extreme drain of wealth.

Around the time Elizabeth II was born, the British empire ruled over 412 million people – about one-fourth of the world’s population. Historians confirm that British colonization was riddled with abuse, inequalities, racism, violence, and extreme drain of wealth. Even though Elizabeth II wasn’t alive during the peak of British colonization, she has been accused of turning a blind eye to many of its crimes, including the slave trade and Operation Legacy in the 1950s-70s, under which her Majesty’s government and MI5 hid, burnt or dumped tens of thousands of crucial files from ex-colonies.

Sunday, September 11, 2022

I just discovered that only 67 countries are better than Brazil

Health care is the backbone of any functioning country and God bless the Brazilian SUS, plus all the doctors, nurses, and all other health care givers in brazil, everyone enjoys free government health care but private hospitals are still making alot because people still use them.

Look at what happened during covid 19, the health care system all around the world went through a very tough test and many failed and this resulted in the death of thousands of people. 

So I was looking at the list of countries with the best health care system and I was shocked that even the USA is not number one, I said to myself you can accurately measure the development of a country with this list.

In brazil the president of Brazil is treated here in brazil, unlike Nigeria where the president gets his treatment in London and even when we talk about national security it is bad for a sitting president to get treatment from another country, why do you think the leader of North Korea carries his own toilet to take his poo back to his country.

So to me, only 67 countries are better than Brazil because Brazil is number 70 and Nigeria is number 144, countries should learn from covid and do better. the most annoying part is that the Last country on the list is a new country that is rich in oil.