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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Check Out What Bitter Leaf Tree Looks Like In Brazil

Abroad we consume a lot of surgery beverages, and the number one culprit is Coca-Cola, that ish is just so addictive especially when the weather is hot, 6 cubes of ice, that is the way I enjoy my Coca-Cola, but as a real Lagos boy, you must drink (Agbo)herbs to cleanse the sugar from your system because let's face it, man is getting old, lol, don't want to start dealing with issues when one is old when you are supposed to be enjoying life.

So I don't joke with bitter leaf, I always take it every morning, and luckily for me, bitter leaf grows everywhere in Brazil.

In Africa, we are used to those small bitter leaf plants and I am asking myself if maybe because we pluck them a lot that is why they don't grow big and talllol.

In Brazil, the trees are very big as you can see in the picture. I also enjoy the lovely bitter-leaf soup that I prepare myself because we also have cocoyam in Brazil. What do think guys?


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