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Monday, December 12, 2022

Cost of Living In Brazil As A Married Man

The minimum wage is 1320Reais, and some people earn 1500Reais-2000. Companies even provide food and transportation if you stay along the bus route. Note people still earn more than 2000 reais, and if you are a businessman, you can make more.

It depends on the size of your family. Your wife can also work, or she can sell online, whichever one you want, you need another source of income as a family man, another option is 2 jobs.

Rent:700-1000reais for a 2-bedroom in a nice area.


Light :100-200 reais.

Internet :70-100 reais.

Cooking Gas:110reais (the cost should go down by next year)

Groceries:500-800 reais current economy. 

Health care: free.

Education: Free, The government even gives kids bus cards and food in school and sometimes free textbooks, so no stress with your kid's education. 

So let's just say everything would be 1800 and you won't have anything to save, but if you have a side hustle or your wife also works, or she works from home it would help, so that's basically the whole breakdown, with your side bustle you can save and send money back to your country.



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