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Friday, December 23, 2022

Father kills a drunk driver that killed his 8yrs old son with a stone

After being caught Father of a boy who died after being hit by a car acted in self-defense by killing the driver who caused the accident in Goiania, say police.

The video shows when a runaway car climbs into a construction site and hits the child, who was with his father. Revolted, the man hit the driver with stones on the head

The father of the boy Danilo Pignato, 8 years old, who died after being run over on an avenue, acted in self-defense by killing the driver who caused the accident in Goiânia, according to the conclusion of the Civil Police investigation, released this Thursday (22). The hit-and-run was recorded by security cameras (watch above).

"According to the understanding of the Civil Police, the author acted in self-defense, because when trying to prevent the hitman from fleeing the scene, they entered into a physical fight and the use of force was the only means capable of repelling the unjust and current aggression that occurred against him", says a note from the corporation.

Alcoholic beverages were found in the car of the driver who ran over and killed the child, which led to the conclusion that he was drunk at the time of the crime.

The Civil Police reported that the investigation will be forwarded to the Judiciary for the adoption of appropriate measures. The investigation of the crime committed by the driver will be closed because he died (read more below).

.On the day of the hit-and-run, on Saturday (17), the Military Police (PM) clarified that the boy was accompanying his father, Dedilson de Oliveira Sousa, who was selling candy at a traffic light. The driver of the VW Gol that killed the child was Francilei da Silva Jesus.

The car came out of control and invaded the corner of the avenue where Danilo and his father were. The impact was so strong that the boy died on the spot. Realizing that the driver wanted to escape without providing help, the father rebelled and hit the man with stones in the head, according to the PM.

Changes in the exploration

The chief delegate of the Homicide Investigation Police Station (DIH), Ana Elisa Gomes, previously explained that the characteristics of the crime committed by the father could consider this case as privileged homicide, before the change of understanding to self-defense.

“The father of the child, when he attacked the author of the hit-and-run, acted under violent emotion. He witnessed the death of his own son in an accident that he and the child did not contribute to in any way. When he acts out of the emotion of the dead son in his presence, he does have the possibility of privileged homicide, which has a reduced penalty under the circumstances ”, clarified the police chief.

Driver's death

The driver of the VW Gol was Francilei da Silva Jesus. According to the police, he could have been drunk when he ran over the boy. At the crime scene, Civil Police agents found a thermal cup in the vehicle, which is usually used to drink alcohol.

According to the Traffic Police investigation, Francilei lost control of the car when entering Avenida Consolação, in Setor Canaã, and invaded the central median of the lane, where Danilo and his father were having lunch under a tree.

The vehicle ran over the boy and pressed him against the tree. The impact of the crash was so strong that Danilo died on the spot. Disgusted, the father said that the driver wanted to escape without helping and attacked him, but that he did not intend to kill.

Francilei da Silva was rescued by the Fire Department in a very serious condition. He was admitted to the Hospital de Urgências Governador Otávio Lage de Siqueira (Hugol) and died three days later.

run over

The security camera shows Danilo washing his hands at a gas station. He crosses the avenue and goes back to stand with his father in the median. Seconds later, the car turns onto the avenue. The runaway driver climbs the construction site and hits the father and son.

Another camera shows that after the crash, the father is thrown off the track. He gets up and starts fighting with the driver. They get into a physical fight.


After the attacks, the boy's father was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, but was released after a custody hearing. Judge Luciane Cristina Duarte da Silva pointed out that the crime happened due to the strong emotion of the father when he saw his son dead.

“There is no way to ignore the situation in which the facts occurred, not being able to measure the pain and the very strong emotion felt by the accused that led him to act in that way at that moment, in order to prevent the escape of the driver of the vehicle that claimed his life. of her son", wrote the judge.

Father of boy killed by car acted in self-defense by killing driver

Boy Danilo Pignato, 8 years old, was pressed against a tree after being run over in Goiânia, Goiás

Thermal cup inside the car of a man who ran over an 8-year-old boy in Goiânia, Goiás



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