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Monday, December 5, 2022

Here Is How You Can Study in Brazil free of charge

Yes, you can study in Brazilian public universities free of charge because education is free in Brazil.

Brazil also offers scholarships to students from developing counties and it was created in 1965, the Brazilian government spends $7500 yearly for each international student, so if you are an African and you want to apply for an undergraduate program then you can find more information on the Brazilian embassy website in your country.

The most important requirement is for you to be able to pass the Portuguese language test.

Another option is for you to come to Brazil through another private school and then learn the language for one year, then you can apply and study at any public university for free.

For the private school, you will pay the school fees directly to the school. This also comes with a free airport pickup, student visa, and accommodation for 6 days.

Check out 3 free public universities in brazil:


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