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Sunday, September 25, 2022

Brazilian Lady Shows How Much She Earns In America

Brazilian lady showing us how much she earns in the USA, you must work hard to earn and the good thing about countries like the USA is that the tax you pay would work for you, unlike countries where they embezzle the tax the people pay.

Meet the Brazilian traditionalist contesting in the 2022 elections

Mãe Baiana, from her origins, in the municipality of Serra de Mundo Novo, to her consolidation as one of the main voices in the fight against prejudice and in defense of Afro-based beliefs in Brazil. Adna also works as head of the Afro-Brazilian Heritage Division of the Palmares Cultural Foundation (FCP).

Meet the Brazilian politician that is also a drag queen

Erivan Hilário dos Santos (Belém do São Francisco, August 19, 1984), better known as drag queen Ruth Venceremos, is a Brazilian cultural producer, educator, activist, and politician affiliated with the Workers' Party (PT), trained in pedagogy by the UFRN and Master in Education from Unicamp.

He is known in Brazil for his militancy both in the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST) and in the LGBT collective Distrito Drag, of which he is one of the founders and director, and also in the anti-racist struggle. For her political activism in favor of minorities, Ruth was awarded the Human Rights Award by the Federal District Government in 2019.

Erivan Hilário was born in the Pernambuco hinterland in a family of 14 siblings. At the age of 10, he had to work to help his family fight hunger. At age 13, he joined the Landless Rural Workers Movement (MST), when his family moved to a settlement in Santa Maria da Boa Vista, Pernambuco.

At age 14, he dressed in women's clothing for the first time during school work, a theatrical performance to talk about HIV. As an LGBT within the Landless Movement, Erivan experienced prejudice and started militancy against LGBTphobia through artistic and educational interventions for teachers, students, and rural workers.

Brazilian female pastor called out for wearing a sexy dress while preaching

She was called out online for wearing this dress while she was preaching as you can see from the person making the video, what do you think guys? if you ask me I would say men should concentrate on the word of God.

Friday, September 23, 2022

The War In Ukraine: Are Wars Really Necessary

Ukraine was not really a threat to Russia, just like Finland and Sweden, the border build-up was enough to get Putin what he wanted from Ukraine instead of invading Ukraine.

That border build-up was massive, and the west and Ukraine were willing to talk to Russia.

Ukraine was ready to be neutral and deny the west any access to Ukrainian soil.

Ukraine was ready to talk to Russia and abandon its nato membership bid.

I am also sure they were ready to also negotiate on Donbas.

For crimea, Ukraine already knew they could not take it back, they were willing to sacrifice crimea.

Whichever way you look at it, Russia invaded Ukraine, just like the USA invaded Iraq.

The most painful part is that they would still sit down and negotiate after they have allowed thousands to die for nothing, properties destroyed and I ask again, is the war really necessary?

The Conflict Between Russia And The West: It is Better To Stay Neutral

I live in Brazil and this is why I believe in democracy, I can never live in a communist or a dictatorship country, Africa and South America should not even get involved in the crisis, they should sort it out themselves.

It is so hard to support Russia knowing fully well that they invaded Ukraine, like I said before the border build-up was enough to give Russia what they wanted from Ukraine without invading Ukraine.

It is also hard to support the west because we know what they did in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.

I still insist and say the Russian invasion of Ukraine was wrong because there are better ways of settling issues, today thousands are dead and at the end of the day you all would still sit down and talk, I am staying neutral on this one.

Brazilian man faces 1-5 years in jail for kissing Brazilian reporter live on air

The Public Ministry of the State of Rio de Janeiro (MPRJ), through the Temporary Sports Thematic Group, denounced for sexual harassment the fan who caressed and kissed the face of a reporter, without her authorization, during a live TV broadcast. The case took place on September 7 in the vicinity of Maracanã, in Rio de Janeiro, before the game Flamengo and Velez for Libertadores.

The complaint offered by the prosecutor Glícia Pessanha Carvalho Viana reports that the journalist was preparing to enter a television broadcast, when Marcelo Benevides started screaming and cursing.

According to the complaint, the victim asked the accused to calm down. The fan then approached her, apologized, put his hand on her shoulder, slid it up to her arm and kissed the victim's shoulder, who dodged. Then, she started a live report and, while talking to the presenter of the program, the accused kissed her again, now on her face, against her will.

In the aftermath of the episode, Benevides tried to flee, but was overtaken by the cameraman and camera assistant, who detained him until the police arrived. The accused will answer for the crime of sexual harassment, article 215-A of the Penal Code.

Benevides was detained for one day and is provisionally released, as the Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro (TJ-RJ) converted his arrest into preventive custody, after a custody hearing was held.

“I just wanted to work”, says reporter

Jessica used her Instagram account to speak out about what happened. “I suffered sexual harassment while working and that is a crime. I didn't want a kiss, I didn't want affection, I didn't want to spend 3 hours in a police station. I just wanted to work,” she lamented.

The journalist said that before her entry, fans cursed for the delay of the live. Just before starting the broadcast, “the 'apologies' came with smoothing on the shoulders and a kiss on the spot”.

The final act was the kiss on her cheek, caught on camera.

“The human being who did this was with an underage son who apologized for his father. The boy is not to blame, don't punish his family. I appreciate all the support and love from my bosses, colleagues, fans, viewers and listeners at @espnbrasil and @lbvbrasil . Special thanks to @bandeira2000 and @andrelzdsouza, my team on the agenda,” she wrote.

It configures sexual harassment "to practice against someone and without their consent a lewd act to satisfy one's own lasciviousness or that of a third party". The crime was inserted into the Penal Code in 2018.

The practice differs from harassment, as the lawyer explains: “Sexual harassment and harassment are different crimes, despite being crimes against sexual freedom. While in harassment we have the practice of a libidinous act against the victim, in harassment what characterizes the crime is the constraint of the victim with the purpose of obtaining sexual advantage or favor, always exercised by his hierarchical superior, someone with a position of ascendancy”.

In Gomes' assessment, the images are sufficient to prove that there was “an act with a sexual connotation without the consent of the reporter, who was working and clearly felt harassed and attacked”.

The penalty provided for the crime of sexual harassment is from 1 to 5 years in prison, but it is possible that, at the end of the investigations, the Public Prosecutor's Office will offer an agreement that replaces imprisonment.

In a statement, the Disney Group, which owns ESPN, said that “it rebukes any type of violence, whether physical or verbal, and we are providing all the support to the professional and taking the necessary measures so that intolerant attitudes, such as this, do not go unpunished. . We remain at the disposal of the authorities for any type of clarification”.

CNN is still seeking contact with Marcelo Benevides Silva's lawyers.