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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Brazilian government has allocated $35.5 million in disaster relief

The Brazilian government has allocated 200 million reais ($35.5 million) in disaster relief funds to northeastern Brazil, where 20 people have died and tens of thousands have been displaced amid severe flooding, according to a Tuesday presidential decree.

Brazil's Bahia state, home to about 15 million people, has suffered from floods for weeks after a historic dry spell gave way to record rains. The situation deteriorated significantly late on Christmas Eve, as many residents were forced to abandon their homes for higher ground after a pair of dams gave way, and rains are expected to continue in many regions throughout the week.

Bahia Governor Rui Costa told journalists nearly 50,000 people had been displaced and 5,000 new homes would need to be constructed at the cost of 400 million reais.

"The depredation is immense," he said. "It looks like Bahia has been bombarded."

For days, dramatic scenes of rescue workers pulling residents from second-story windows have unfolded across vast swatches of Bahia state.

State firefighters said in a statement on Tuesday afternoon they were ordering the evacuation of neighborhoods in four municipalities amid "imminent risk of floods."

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who is currently vacationing in the southern state of Santa Catarina, announced the relief aid on Twitter early Tuesday.

Brazilian Regional Development Secretary Rogerio Marinho said more aid would be on the way.

"We're waiting for a more detailed evaluation (of the damage) to see what's needed, and we'll do what's necessary," he told journalists.

20 Dead as Dams burst in Bahia Brazil as region hit by floods

As An African, this particular state is so close to my heart.#PRAY FOR BAHIA BRAZIL


Two dams gave way in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia after weeks of heavy rains, swamping already swollen local rivers as flooding hit towns across the region, authorities said on Sunday.

The Igua dam, on the Verruga river near the city of Vitoria da Conquista in southern Bahia, collapsed on Saturday night, forcing authorities to evacuate residents, mainly in the town of Itambe.

A second dam gave way to rising water levels in Jussiape, 100 kilometers to the north, on Sunday morning, bringing more alerts for residents to move to safer ground.

There were no reports of deaths or injuries caused by the dam failures, though bridges and roads were damaged.

Further,  towards the coast in Itabuna, a city of 200,000 inhabitants, fire brigade teams rescued residents trapped in their homes in the downtown area that was underwater, Reuters reporters said.

"It's crazy by the bridge, there are waves almost 2 meters high," shopkeeper Luiz Constancia told Reuters.

Rescuers rowed dinghies along flooded streets to reach trapped families or take them supplies. One man paddled on an inflatable mattress to reach home.

Residents said the level of the Cachoeira river that runs through the town located 30 km from the coastal port city of Ilheus was the highest in 50 years.

In Vitoria da Conquista, Mayor Sheila Lemos, said all residents close to the collapsed Igua dam had been evacuated.

In a posting on the city's website, Lemos said the flooding threatened to cut off the BR-116 highway, a major truck route between northeastern and southern Brazil.

Bahia Governor Rui Castro said at least 400,000 people have been impacted by the heavy rains and thousands evacuated from some 67 towns facing emergency situations due to floods caused by heavy rainfall for almost two months.

"Thousands of people have had to leave their homes because the water rose one or two meters, even three meters in some places," he told reporters on Saturday.

The rains have caused 18 deaths in Bahia since the beginning of November, including a 60-year-old ferry owner who drowned on the swollen Rio das Contas river, civil defense officials said.

In the state capital of Salvador, weather officials said December rainfall has been six times greater than the average.

Monday, December 27, 2021

If you want to travel always have a Plan B and C

When I tell people how much I love Brazil most don't believe and most times I get mocked and they would be like "what is In Brazil" we must understand that our dreams are different, you love America and I don't and you love Canada and I do, you love Switzerland and I don't, the point is we all can't live in the same place or love the same thing, you hate Russia and some do and you hate China and some love china.

We all have dream countries that we love but we must always have a plan b and C unless you would grow old and never travel. lol, remember some countries can springboard you to the country of your dream.

For me, it is about living in a society that works and a society where I won't feel like a stranger or a foreigner and this was why I choose Brazil(15m blacks, trust me I feel at home here) and I love South America because they have a thing for family(familia) and I hate following the crowd, lol so we have many reasons why we choose some certain countries.

I had a plan  B and C in case my dream country Brazil did not work out and it was Argentina and Ecuador, but God was kind and Brazil worked for me, truth is that I would have still migrated to Brazil even if I was already living In Argentina or Ecuador, my love for Brazil is out of this world, lol, I have already pledged my loyalty to the Brazilian flag, so remember always have a plan B and C.

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Walking around fonte da torre TV brasilia,brazil

 Fonte da Torre de TV, also known as Fonte luminous, is a monument of the city of Brasília. It opened in 2010 and was proposed in the context of the celebration of the fifty years since the foundation of the city. Located in the Monumental Axis, the Fountain is located right next to two important tourist attractions: the TV Tower and the "TV Tower Fair". The fountain produces beautiful juggling using its jets, and is the stage for nightly shows involving colors and music.






walking around the hotel sector of brasilia brazil

 Setor Hoteleiro Norte, or SHN, is a small area with a concentration of modern high-rise hotels catering to government workers, business people, and tourists. In addition to a couple of street-level churrascaria eateries, there’s a range of Brazilian and international restaurants within the hotels. The large Conjunto Nacional mall is nearby, and the area adjoins the sprawling Jardim Burle Marx Park.







patio shopping brasilia,brazil


Pátio Brasil Shopping is one of the biggest shopping malls in brasilia it has Large, multi-level mall with a familiar range of stores, services & casual eateries, plus a cinema.





i visited Águas Lindas de Goiás,brazil

 Águas Lindas de Goiás is a municipality located in central Goiás, Brazil. It is the fifth-largest city in the state and one of the fastest-growing cities in Brazil. 

The city has no major industries but has a variety of small commercial enterprises ranging from small offices, bars, grocery stores, and larger supermarkets. Small industries manufacture furniture, sewage pipes, bicycles, sweets, and toys. The informal economy is very strong and many people have stalls in fairs either in the city or in neighboring cities.

Águas Lindas is 193 km. from the state capital of Goiânia. Highway connections with Goiânia are made by BR-153 / Anápolis / BR-414 / Cocalzinho de Goiás / BR-070. For the complete list see It has borders with Santo Antônio do Descoberto, Cocalzinho de Goiás, and Brasília. It is located west of Brasília and borders on the boundary of the Federal District. It is part of the Entorno do Distrito Federal micro-region, which has over 960,000 inhabitants.




pictures of beautiful clouds in the skies of aguas lindas,goias,brazil

 i am someone that love art and nature and while i was inside the bus heading to aguas lindas,i was looking at the clouds in the sky and they were so beautiful and this is the fist time i saw bright and beautiful clouds,i noticed the clouds was so close,what do you think



Three Wise Men Themed Park In Aguas Linda,Goias,Brazil

The biblical Magi[also referred to as the (Three) Wise Men or (Three) Kings, also the Three Magi were distinguished foreigners in the Gospel of Matthew and Christian tradition. They are said to have visited Jesus after his birth, bearing gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. They are regular figures in traditional accounts of the nativity celebrations of Christmas and are an important part of Christian tradition.

The Gospel of Matthew is the only one of the four canonical gospels to mention the Magi. Matthew reports that they came "from the east" to worship the "king of the Jews". The gospel never mentions the number of Magi. Still, most western Christian denominations have traditionally assumed them to have been three in number, based on the statement that they brought three gifts. In Eastern Christianity, especially the Syriac churches, the Magi often number twelve. Their identification as kings in later Christian writings is probably linked to Isaiah 60:1–6, which refers to "kings [coming] to the brightness of your dawn" bearing "gold and frankincense". Further identification of the magi with kings may be due to Psalm 72:11, "May all kings fall down before him".