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Friday, December 17, 2021

my advise to those that want to travel from 2022

Dear Japa candidates, I have been where you are now and I understand, people borrow money, sell land and other properties to travel.

Have this in mind it would take you at least 2-4 years to settle in properly wherever you are traveling to, so don't allow anyone to put pressure on you, not even your family members. 

If you want to make it faster than 2yrs or earlier than that you might do what you are not supposed to do and not like it is my business, hey nobody holy pass, anything anyone is doing is his or her business and not mine, I love minding my business. 

Even If you are traveling with money to establish it would still take you at least 2 years to fully understand the system. 

Even me till now I no get car for Brazil, but that is next because I think I have achieved some stability in Brazil, permanent residency is like having an American green, many Africans for Brazil no get even some other foreigners like the Bangladeshis, so its something, step by step, transportation system abroad is good, but I need It for delivery. 

You don't need the full cash to buy a car, you buy and complete payment in 3-5years, but you have to be ready so you won't miss your monthly payment and I deliver to Brazilians so I need it and I hate bike make car no push me for one side, lol. I prefer 4 leg

So when you travel enter the system and go slow and you will get there, don't worry much, trust me you will get there


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