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Sunday, October 30, 2022

Breaking: Lula Da Silva Wins The 2022 Brazilian Presidential Elections

Brazil’s Lula da Silva wins fiercely contested presidential run-off vote.

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva is set to become the next president of Brazil.

The leftist former President, widely known as “Lula,” has gained 50.83% of the votes, with over 98% of the votes counted in a fiercely contested run-off election on Sunday.

It was a tight race, with incumbent Jair Bolsonaro being denied a second term as he mustered 49.17% votes.

The two candidates had previously gone head to head in a first round of voting on October 2, but neither gained more than half of the votes, forcing Sunday’s runoff vote, which has become a referendum on two starkly different visions for Brazil.

More than 156 million people were eligible to vote in this year’s election. The candidates themselves voted early on Sunday, with Lula voting at a public school in the São Paulo metro Area and Bolsonaro casting his ballot in Rio de Janeiro early on Sunday morning.


Live Updates:2ND Round Of The Brazilian Presidential Election 2022

Brazilians living in New Zealand have already started voting for President of the Republic, at 4 pm, this Saturday (29. Oct.2022), Brazilian time. This is because, by the New Zealand time zone, it is already 8 am on October 30th.

The polling places are in the capital of New Zealand, Wellington, as shown by the TSE (Superior Electoral Court) portal on polling places abroad.

By Brazilian time, the election lasts until 1 am (5 pm in New Zealand).

Ballot boxes will only be released from 5 pm on October 30 (Brazilian time), when all voting is closed in all sections.

However, it is possible that the bulletin will be released by the voters themselves on social networks, as in the 1st round.

Other countries also offer the possibility for Brazilians to vote in countries from all 5 continents. To learn more, just access the TSE portal.

Lula wins in Australia, South Korea, And New Zealand

Saturday, October 29, 2022

Warning: Qatar Fan ID is Not For You To Stay Back In Qatar

You can't stay back, I can't stress this enough, I am not an expert on Qatari visa-related issues but I would use my Head on this one, This fan ID is for you to visit Qatar, spend your money watch the world cup and leave The fan ID is just for the world cup, that's all. 

I am a staunch advocate for black Africans to leave the Middle East. Asia is even 50% better, but the middle east is a no-no for blacks. They don't see us as humans. I am just telling you the truth, so before you sell your land and fly to Qatar with your fan ID with the mindset that you can stay back and get a job, well think again, watch the video.

You will be disappointed. Don't allow any agent to trick and deceive you. If you want to work in Qatar, go with a work visa and not a fan ID.

Sunday, October 23, 2022

Brazilian Football Legend Pele is 82yrs old today

The biggest idol in the history of Santos, King Pele turns 82 this Sunday

Best football player of all time wore the number 10 shirt of Peixe for 18 years, won 45 titles for the Vila Belmiro team and scored 1,091 goals in 1,116 games

Edson Arantes do Nascimento, King Pelé, turns 82 this Sunday, October 23. The King of Football lifted 45 cups wearing the Santos shirt. The main conquests were Libertadores and Mundial of 1962 and 1963. With 18 years of history for Peixe, he scored 1,091 goals in 1,116 games.

In this Saturday's classic against Corinthians, Peixe prepared a series of tributes to the eternal number 10: the teams' warm-up featured a light show on the lawn. In the center of the field messages appeared for the King of Football.

During the entrance of the players, three flags were opened, a great tribute that moved everyone. After the performance of the National Anthem, more visual effects on the field to brighten up the date. During the break, Partner Rei had the opportunity to participate very closely in the actions. A very different shot on goal, from the midfield, that Pelé tried in the 1970 World Cup, one of the most memorable images in the history of football.

The health of the King and new position at Santos

In September 2021, Pele underwent surgery to remove a colon tumor. Since then, he has been hospitalized with some frequency for chemotherapy sessions. On August 29, the King appeared on his social media to say that he was fine and taking care of himself.

Santos disclosed in the minutes of the Management Committee that it settles the last details to hire King Pelé, the greatest idol in the club's history, as a special advisor. The agreement was unanimously approved by the members of the Fish Management Committee at a meeting held in August.

With poor health, the King has not yet been able to visit CT Rei Pelé, but the Santos top hat has been in direct contact. Peixe understands that it will hardly have King Pelé in club actions, but sees the possibility of honoring the greatest player in history in a new "position", which this time will be paid.


Monday, October 3, 2022

Meet NAe Sao Paulo The Brazilian Aircraft Carrier

NAeSão Paulo (pennant number A12) was a Clemenceau-class aircraft carrier in service with the Brazilian Navy. São Paulo was first commissioned in 1963 by the French Navy as Foch and was transferred in 2000 to Brazil, where she became the new flagship of the Brazilian Navy. IHS Jane's reported that during its career with the Brazilian Navy, São Paulo suffered from serviceability issues and never managed to operate for more than three months at a time without the need for repairs and maintenance On 14 February 2017, the navy announced the ship's demobilization and subsequent decommissioning. On 12 March 2021, the carrier was sold to be scrapped for R$10,550,000.00 or US$1,919,857.35.

The aircraft carrier São Paulo was built in France between 1957 and 1960 and served in the French Navy as Foch. In September 2000, she was purchased by Brazil for US$30 million – no aircraft were included in the price – to replace the aged World War II-era carrier Minas Gerais, which had been in commission for over 40 years. Brazil had previously approached other countries, such as Spain, who wanted to construct a US$500 million carrier for Brazil, about the acquisition of a carrier. The government had already purchased a flotilla of 23 used A-4 Skyhawk fighter planes from Kuwait for $70 million; these planes, along with existing helicopters already in the national defense inventory, were to compose the São Paulo fighter-bomber group. These A-4s (designated AF-1) are capable of carrying armament including rockets, free-fall bombs, and Sidewinder air-to-air missiles.

Read More:https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brazilian_aircraft_carrier_São_Paulo

An AF-1 Skyhawk (A-4KU) on board São Paulo

Sunday, October 2, 2022

BREAKING NEWS!Lula Takes The Lead In The Brazilian Presidential Election(photos)

This election is a very tough one that would determine the future of Brazilians for the next 4 years and like I told you it is the toughest election in the history of Brazil, the president was leading Lula and All of a sudden Lula started taking the lead, but I am sure this election would go to a second round and that would be on October 30, this election is truly emotional.

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Live Updates:Eleições Brasileiras 2022,Brazilian Presidential Election 2022

The 2022 Brazilian presidential election is finally here, There is movement everywhere and no restrictions, people are doing their normal morning walking exercises, shops are open, churches are open, bars, pharmacies, supermarkets, and stores are also open, and buses are also working today, as you can see from the video, may the best man win, I would be giving you live updates stay tuned, long live the Federal Republic of Brazil.