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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Beautiful Uruguayan Cities

Uruguay officially the Oriental Republic of Uruguay (Spanish: República Oriental del Uruguay), is a country in South America. It shares borders with Argentina to its west and southwest and Brazil to its north and northeast; while bordering the Río de la Plata to the south and the Atlantic Ocean to the southeast. It is part of the Southern Cone region of South America. Uruguay covers an area of approximately 181,034 square kilometers (69,898 sq mi) and has a population of an estimated 3.51 million, of whom 2 million live in the metropolitan area of its capital and largest city, Montevideo.

Uruguay is a developing country with a high-income economy and is ranked first in Latin America in democracy, peace, low perception of corruption, and e-government. It is first in South America when it comes to press freedom, the size of the middle class, and prosperity. On a per-capita basis, Uruguay contributes more troops to United Nations peacekeeping missions than any other country. It is the lowest ranking South American nation in the Global Terrorism Index and ranks second in the continent on economic freedom, income equality, per-capita income, and inflows of FDI. Uruguay is the third-best country on the continent in terms of the Human Development Index, GDP growth, innovation, and infrastructure. Uruguay is regarded as one of the most socially progressive countries in Latin America. It ranks high on global measures of personal rights, tolerance, and inclusion issues, including its acceptance of the LGBT community. The country has legalized cannabis, same-sex marriage, and abortion. Uruguay is a founding member of the United Nations, OAS, and Mercosur.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

migrants sew their mouths after they wont let them buy ticket to the USA

They have valid visas to enter the USA, so why not let them go I don't even understand this kind of madness

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Suspect confesses to murder of Dom Phillips and Bruno in the amazon

I use to read Dom Phillips articles alot and I feel so bad for the man, they went missing in the amazon and the army has been searching for them and they just discovered that we were murdered today, Rip to the dead, read more below 

Suspect confesses to murder of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira, say PF sources

One of the main suspects in the disappearance of English journalist Dom Phillips and Brazilian indigenist Bruno Araújo Pereira , Amarildo Oliveira da Costa, known as Pelado, confessed to having participated in the murder of the duo, who disappeared in the Amazon on the 5th. Federal Police sources told CNN this Wednesday (15).

To the federal police, Pelado said, however, that another person was responsible for shooting Pereira and Phillips. The suspect also said that his participation was only when he helped to bury the two. To the agents, Pelado also told that the bodies were quartered and incinerated.

The suspect was questioned about the motive for the crime and, according to PF sources told CNN, he admitted that Pereira and Phillips were murdered because of complaints about illegal fishing in the region.

They were in the remote jungle area near the border with Colombia and Peru which is home to the world's largest number of uncontacted indigenous people. The region has lured cocaine-smuggling gangs, along with illegal loggers, miners, and hunters.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Disgusting Chinese Racism Against Black Children In Africa

I was so mad after watching this and again I blame our leaders  because we have no laws in Africa and the Chinese think they own Africa, this is just outrageous and as a black man I am really pissed, watch the video

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Dia dos Namorados:From Brazil With Love Happy Valentines Day


I talked about why we don't celebrate valentines day in brazil on Feb 14, so we celebrate it today june 12 and it is called Dia dos Namorados In brazil.

Thursday, June 9, 2022

father and son of the kamayura tribe alto xingu,amazon,brazil

 The Indigenous Brazilians keep their culture and way of life. 

Monday, June 6, 2022

How Long is the Hair on this Beautiful Indigenous Brazilian Woman

Her hair is truly so long and ladies in my home county would pay millions for this kind of hair, lol

Check out the Brazilans you would never see on TV

Well, we all know the indigenous Brazilians but I have never seen them on TV before.

Beautiful Colombian Cities

Colombia , officially the Republic of Colombia, is a country in South America with an insular region in North America. It is bordered by the Caribbean Sea to the north, Venezuela to the east, Brazil to the southeast, Ecuador and Peru to the south, the Pacific Ocean to the west and Panama to the northwest. Colombia comprises 32 departments and the Capital District of Bogotá, the country's largest city. It covers an area of 1,141,748 square kilometers (440,831 sq mi), with a population of 50 million. Colombia's rich cultural heritage reflects influences by various Amerindian civilizations, European settlement, African slaves, as well as immigration from Europe and the Middle East. Spanish is the nation's official language, besides which over 70 languages are spoken.

Colombia is one of the world's seventeen megadiverse countries; it has the second-highest level of biodiversity in the world. Its territory encompasses Amazon rainforest, highlands, grasslands and deserts. It is the only country in South America with coastlines and islands along both Atlantic and Pacific oceans.

Colombia is a member of major global and regional organizations including the UN, the WTO, the OECD, the OAS, the Pacific Alliance and the Andean Community. It is also a NATO Global Partner. Its diversified economy is the third-largest in South America, with macroeconomic stability and favorable long-term growth prospects.

Sunday, June 5, 2022

Check Out Baba King A Nigerian Babalawo In Brazil

I saw him on Facebook and I just feel I should talk about him and I am so happy and glad that he is representing the culture far away in South America, read more about him below

91 killed and 26 missing after heavy rain fall in northern Brazil

At least 91 people have been confirmed dead and 26 others are still missing from flooding over the weekend in the northeastern Brazilian state of Pernambuco, authorities said Monday.

Efforts to search for residents currently unaccounted for were ramped up as hundreds of state and federal rescue workers were deployed in the state capital of Recife and the neighboring municipality of Jaboatao dos Guararape.

Most of the search is taken place in Jardim Monte Verde, a neighborhood located between Recife and Jaboatao dos Guararape, where 20 people were found dead, buried under the mud.

President Jair Bolsonaro flew over the affected areas on Monday, but couldn't land due to the soaked soil.

photo credit:dailymail.co.uk

Friday, June 3, 2022

Beautiful Brazilian Woman Picks Good Stuffs From Trash In America

Well,alot of people are into this stuff abroad and they won't tell you, and most of the used stuff you see in Africa they pick them from trash, the Brazilian woman is boldly showing everyone how she does it and I also know of a Filipino woman that is into the same stuff, even here in brazil people do it, people pick good chairs and other stuff, so what do you think guys

Thursday, June 2, 2022

do you know that Racism is a crime in Brazil

Many people actually don't know that racism or any form of discrimination is a crime in Brazil and that person could spend up to 5 years in prison, this is a very smart move to tackle and suppress racism, and remember we have alot of Europeans in Brazil and they always carry their racist behavior with them but guess what this is brazil and there is no room for racism, go back to Europe if you want to be a bloody racist because the Brazilian constitution says racism is a crime.

Brazilian Highway Federal Police Gassed A sick Black Man

This is just like a scene from a Nazi horror movie. The Brazilian highway police were caught on tape gassing a black man who eventually died at the hospital, and the ministry of justice in brazil is already investigating the case. I know the family of the black man would get justice.

3 Reasons why Brazil Is Not A Racist Country

I get pissed when I hear people say that Brazil is a racist country and I ask how? how can this beautiful country be a racist country, a country that is a melting pot of all races? Brazilians are so friendly to foreigners, so how can brazil be a racist county? Don't get me wrong I am not saying we don't have racism in Brazil but Brazil is not a racist country.

1, Everybody is a Brazilian in Brazil and it does not matter if you are Asian or African, we are all Brazilians and this is why you would find a Chinese Brazilian and a Japanese Brazilian and a Nigerian Brazilian or a Pakistani Brazilian, Lebanese Brazilian, so in Brazil, you can never know who is a foreigner, unlike America where a white man would tell the Latino man go back to your country.

2, I don't need to know anyone to get things done in Brazil and remember I have a Nigerian name and nobody cares, and in fact, I get a lot of love immediately they know I am not from Brazil.

3, racism is a crime and it is very clear in the Brazilian constitution I know because I have a copy and a racist country would not have it so clear as day in their constitution, so whenever you suffer a racial attack in Brazil always remind that person of the constitution and you can open a case and an investigation would begin, for example in Portugal it is not in their constitution now you understand the difference.

So, to conclude and like I said we have racism everywhere in the world, and even where I come from we have tribalism, but in Brazil, I feel at home because I know I can get justice if someone uses a racial slur on me.

There is no discrimination or segregation in Brazil and we always hear about the south of Brazil being a racist region, well are you surprised, we have a lot of Europeans there and those guys carry their racism everywhere they go but if you experience such in the south of Brazil please report that racist and that a racista would be disgraced and dealt with.